The case report

At about 19:00 on February 16, 2022, a case of intentional injury causing death occurred in Dongchangfu District, resulting in two deaths on the spot and two injuries sent to hospital.Suspect Ren Mou Zhen (male, 42 years old, Yanggu County, seven level town) due to emotional disputes with Yang (female, 45 years old, Donga County, Liu Ji town), rushed to the Dongchangfu district Of Liuyuan Street a residential area Yang mou residence, Yang family four people stabbed, causing Yang, Yang’s daughter Sun Mou Yang (20 years old) died on the spot,Yang’s husband sun Guk (46) was seriously injured and died, while Yang’s son Sun Rui (13) is out of danger and is under all-out treatment.After the incident, provincial, municipal and district (county) three levels of public security organs concentrated superior police investigation, at 20 o ‘clock that night identified the case suspects, and carried out arrest overnight.The suspect ren Mou Zhen, frightened by the powerful power of the public security organs, committed suicide in the early hours of The 17th.Liaocheng Public Security Bureau Dongchangfu Branch February 17, 2022

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