Mercedes E-class, high appearance level, spacious, with 2.0T+9AT, is your type

When it comes to Mercedes-benz, we are familiar with it. After all, it has a good sales volume among luxury brands and has attracted a lot of attention from consumers. Today, we are going to talk about the e-Class 2022 E-260 L sedan version, with a guide price of 439,900 yuan.Design or in accordance with past practice, first take a look at it the appearance of the former face is polygon of the intake grille, blackened treatment was conducted on the inside, and a lot of chrome trim ornament, inlayer eye-catching logo in the middle of the position, to reveal identity, again tie-in left and right sides of the big chy-tech sharp modelling design, give a person a big impact on the vision, the automobile body side,The whole car ShenYao line is fluent, is equipped with 18 inches of double below five radial modelling design of wheel hub, makes the whole lateral movement, the size of this car three high respectively is 5078 mm, 1860 mm, 1480 mm, wheelbase 3079 mm, so the size of the parameters, occupy a great competitive advantage, at the same level, at the end of the bodyThe taillights of triangular shape design are treated with blackened interior, which is highly recognizable after being lit at night. The exhaust pipe adopts the design layout of bilateral joint, which further improves the sense of movement of the whole car.Interior layout to vehicle interiors, the interior is full of strong flavor of luxury, there are equipped with double panel design control screen, size 12.3 inches, the information displayed is very rich, articulation is also very high, make the whole interior sense of science and technology, on the material is more exquisite, improve the quality of the entire interior, the steering wheel is leather package,The grip is very comfortable and delicate, and the operation is relatively convenient.Powertrain The E Class 2022 E 260 L sedan version will have a 2.0-ton turbocharged four-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 197 HP and peak torque of 320 N · m. In terms of drivetrain, it is matched by a nine-gear automatic transmission with a combined NEDC fuel consumption of 7.3L/100km.In general, the comprehensive strength of this car is good, with a high level of appearance and excellent power. If you are interested in this car, you can learn about it.

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