Leicester city’s squad has eased and recovered!The Wolves are just so-so at home!

Wolves v Leicester City Wolves have 11 wins, 4 draws and 8 defeats so far, but the team are better away from home, with only 4 wins, 2 draws and 5 defeats, especially as they are very poor in attack, scoring less than one goal per game.On the plus side, they ended a recent two-game losing streak with a 2-0 win over Tottenham.However, the past two home games have been defeated by zero play, it is obvious that the fighting capacity of the home is more general.11 and leicester city is at the top of the league position, in this season is obvious, the road is short, just two wins three draws five, road’s defensive ability is weak, but beneficial is the midweek champions league cup, they 4-1 win against vitesse easily, recent strike fire is completely find out the back,He scored six goals in the last two games, including a 2-2 draw at West Ham.Current data location for wolves have adjusted their ascending trend, but they encounter the edge surface is very poor, in the past five meetings didn’t win the opponent, I think the offensive rebound leicester city in the current squad eased slightly, I think the wolves want difficult to beat his opponent, pay close attention to leicester city unbeaten hit.

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