Enjoy an amazing spring day with the new Ford EVOS!

In the sweet breath of spring, the new Ford EVOS will bring you a new surprise to help you enjoy the beautiful season!Many good news for this spring to add more color, so that the vibrant spring can warm your heart!Buy a car to enjoy double insurance gift (compulsory insurance + commercial insurance) ① plus, more intelligent driving assistance escort enjoy 3 years of 0 interest rate financial scheme to 15,000 yuan replacement subsidies ② old owners enjoy to low 0 Yuan ford EVOS③, any brand models replacement Ford EVOS enjoy lifelong free maintenance ④ 1998-259,800 yuan ⑤ * activity time:From March 1 to March 31, 2022, first buy, first serve.The rights and interests of this event are not shared with other Ford Mall events.Double insurance gift, namely buy EVOS fashion edition, sport edition and the first limited edition models can be compulsory insurance and commercial insurance subsidies, up to 5000 yuan/set.② Enjoy the replacement gift, that is, the specific replacement subsidy will be different because of the replacement model, please contact the local dealer for details.(3) Changan Ford owners using Changan Ford models to replace Ford EVOS, through the original car valuation + replacement subsidy, offset the down payment amount, to achieve a low 0 yuan drive EVOS.The valuation of the original car is subject to the actual evaluation and the requirements of the second-hand car replacement policy. For details, please contact your local authorized second-hand car dealer.(4) Any brand model replacement Changan Ford EVOS enjoy lifelong free maintenance, only the first personal owners of the new car, the annual limit of 1 basic maintenance, basic maintenance is to replace the oil machine filter.If the vehicle is transferred, the lifelong free maintenance automatically expires.If the owner/car meets other conditions of free maintenance activities, the free maintenance policy will not be added to enjoy.Replacement lifetime maintenance is only available to individuals who purchase the replacement car and meet the relevant requirements of the second-hand car replacement policy. For details, please contact your local second-hand car authorized dealer.⑤EcoBoost®245 technology edition is a major customer model, order production, customer qualification and minimum order quantity requirements, delivery cycle is more than 6 months.Specific order terms and delivery cycle will depend on the demand and parts supply, please call Changan Ford 4008877766 hotline for more information.* The above loan products are provided by many financial institutions in cooperation with Changan Ford. Customers can choose financial institutions to apply for loans independently.The all-new Ford EVOS is based on the FNV intelligent interconnection architecture that integrates all the intelligent modules of the vehicle and highly integrates OTA capabilities, bringing the vehicle to a new level of intelligence.Ford EVOS will bring you a seamless and dynamic digital mobility experience in multiple scenarios, unlocking more amazing moments in your life!Ford’s new “potential energy aesthetics” design concept deeply integrates the desire for breaking wind speed, the strong potential energy from the earth and the cool technology aesthetics. It not only highlights the momentum of sports like a sedan, but also reveals the lofty spirit, and conveys the sense of ritual of life!EVOS inherits ford’s innovative thinking, and every time it breaks the ice, it can become the wind of The Times!The 1.1m ultra wide area HD large screen, equivalent to 13 smart phone screens, is cheap enough to set off the tide of The Times again.With B&O brand echo wall, the ultimate audio-visual enjoyment of immersive “private quiet space”!New Ford EVOS with 2945mm ultra-long wheelbase, nearly 5.5 square meters of the same class of the largest interior space, ample head and leg space for you to stretch freely, more 550L trunk volume to bring more comfortable journey!New ford EVOS using intelligent encircle cockpit design, through the details and stitching and other design elements by point and the extension and jumper, let the car’s design elements module one integrated mass, supplemented by seven color around the lamp type dynamic atmosphere, make fluent line extending continuously in the car, let is spacious interior space appears more atmosphere, let enjoy the superior and luxury ride,The “innovative wisdom big five-seat SUV” interpretation!If EVOS’s amazing intelligent design is skin, then its intelligent technology that sets off the tide of The Times is the soul of fire!Upgraded version of the new generation SYNCⓇ+2.0 Zhihang Interconnection system, can complete more than 70 kinds of voice semantic interaction, more gesture control, face recognition and other intelligent interaction, let you feel like in a science fiction world!Ford Blue friend will accompany you, not only to chat with you, tell you stories, but also to simulate different driving scenarios with different anthropoid expressions, so that you can learn your preferences and have a better understanding with you!Head audio resources access, add more fun for the journey!The L2+ Co-Pilot 360TM intelligent driver assistance system integrates multiple intelligent driver assistance configurations to provide you with more driving convenience.BlueCruise, equipped with L2+ level active driving assistance, can achieve “quasi-automatic driving assistance” at 0-130km/h at full speed on specific road sections by integrating 23 sensors and ADAS map data, including controlling vehicle start, steering and acceleration.The Ford Vehicle and Road Collaborative System (V2I), which is connected with the urban intelligent transportation system, can timely push the traffic light information ahead for you, so that you can know everything along the way, bringing you a more predictable and intelligent driving fun!The new Ford EVOS is equipped with EcoBoostⓇ2.0T engine +8AT gearbox, and the surging power can easily enter the 6S club. You can enjoy the passion of leading half a body position.The revival of “Spring” gives the city infinite vitality, while the “Innovative wisdom big five SUV” Ford EVOS will take you on the trend of science and technology, tour the other side of the mind, open a different world, and discover the beauty in life!The new Ford EVOS has arrived in the store, welcome to inquire or to the store test drive experience!Hotline: 0575-85526888 Address: 200 meters east of Wanda Plaza, Qiantao Road, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City

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