Eat still want to eat lotus root clip!

It is not enough to eat lotus root clip in relatives’ home, but also want to eat it. After thinking about it at home, it is really great!Peel fresh lotus root and cut it into thin slices. Do not cut the meat filling in the middle. Mix well with salt, chicken essence, sesame powder, ginger and spring onion.Prepare an egg, a little flour, a little water, and an egg batter.Add a little white pepper to the egg batter.Put the lotus root clip into the egg batter one by one, wrap it in the egg batter, and then heat the pan and cool the oil. When the oil is 70% hot, put it in the deep-fry, over medium heat, turn it over in the middle, and remove it from both sides.If you eat it the same day, you can refry it as many times as you eat, so it will always taste best.I heard that people who love food are more and more beautiful after watching sugar Baby mom!

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