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After hualan vaccine landed on gem last week, another enterprise in Xinxiang was listed on gem “pass”.February 25, Xinxiang Tianli lithium gem too.The lithium-ion battery company, whose shipments in the field of lithium-ion batteries for electric bicycles and power tools rank the first in the industry with A market rate of more than 40%, is one step closer to landing in the A-share capital market.On the same day, another henan enterprise – Kaisue Cold Chain IPO was approved by the COMMUNIST Party committee meeting on the North Exchange.This means, Henan capital market ushered in “double happiness”.Up to now, xinxiang has seven listed companies, four of which will be listed after 2020.In the past two years, what is the password behind the listing tide of Xinxiang enterprises?”Lithium” yuelong door Tianli lithium can gem ipo was approved on February 25, gem municipal Party Committee 2022 9th review meeting results announced.Tianli Lithium’s IPO on the growth enterprise Market has been approved, which means that the henan company’s nearly three years of listing finally ushered in the harvest.Tianli Lithium energy is located in Muye District, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, listed on the New Third Board in 2015, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of ternary materials and precursors for lithium batteries, and is a high-tech enterprise with independent research and development and innovation capabilities.The company has been identified as the national high-tech enterprise, Henan Gazelle enterprise, provincial enterprise technology center, and has won the Henan Provincial Science and Technology Progress award.In addition, Tianli Lithium energy has also won the focus of attention from a number of well-known domestic investment institutions and listed companies, and has been rated as the “New Third Board lithium enterprise with the most investment value”.Data show that tianli lithium in the last two years net profit are positive, deducting non-recurring profit and loss before and after the net profit is 71.4033 million yuan and 53.8980 million yuan, a total of about 125 million yuan, the total is not less than 50 million yuan, meet gem listing standard requirements.After five rounds of audit inquiries, tianli lithium can finally “lithium” yue Longmen, through the gem listing audit.According to the prospectus, Tianli Lithium energy focuses on small power lithium battery field, the main products are ternary materials.In the first half of 2021, tianli Lithium energy ternary material sector revenue of 689 million yuan, accounting for 99.58%.Reporters learned that Tianli lithium energy is one of the early enterprises engaged in the research and development and production of ternary materials, with the integrated research and development and production capacity of ternary materials and their precursors.The company’s products include NCM333, NCM523, NCM622, NCM811 and other series, almost covering all types of ternary materials.Downstream customers include xingheng Power Supply, Honeycomb Energy, Hengdian Dongci and other well-known domestic enterprises in the field of lithium battery.According to GGII statistics, in the field of electric bicycle and power tool lithium battery, in 2019 and 2020 Tianli lithium ternary material shipments are in the first place in the industry, market share of 48.4%, 41% respectively.Vertically, Tianli lithium energy has maintained a continuous growth in revenue scale since 2013.In 2013, its revenue was only 136 million yuan, and in 2020, it has reached 1.243 billion yuan, an increase of 808.9% in 8 years.Data source: In the WIND prospectus, Tianli Lithium is expected to reach 1.62 billion yuan to 1.7 billion yuan in 2021, an increase of 30.32% to 36.76% compared with 2020, and the revenue scale is expected to hit a record high.However, it is worth noting that compared with the existing a-share lithium battery industry listed companies, Tianli lithium can still exist A certain gap.According to Wind data, there are 18 listed companies in the lithium battery industry (Shenwan classification standard) in a-shares, including Yiwei Lithium Energy co., LTD and DRE Lithium Power Co., LTD.In the first half of 2021, Tianli Lithium energy achieved revenue of 708 million yuan, revenue growth rate of 53.9% and gross margin of 16.65%, ranking 15th, 11th and 13th respectively among 18 A-share listed companies in the lithium battery industry.In this A-share IPO, Tianli Lithium plans to increase capacity expansion, issue no more than 30.5 million new shares, and raise 836 million yuan for huaibei SANYUAN Cathode material construction project and Xinxiang Sanyuan cathode material construction project.Tianli lithium said, the raised projects are invested in the company’s main products, namely the production and construction of three materials, through the expansion of new product lines, effectively improve the company’s production capacity and order undertaking capacity, to break through capacity bottlenecks, reduce the proportion of external commissioned processing, promote the company’s main business to continue to develop rapidly.With the passing of Tianli Lithium energy, Xinxiang City will usher in the sixth A-share listed company.Just a week ago, hualan Vaccine, another xinxiang company, rang the bell on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and landed on the growth Enterprise Market.Xinxiang 7 listed companies (A shares, H shares) data source: Wind Reporter noted that since 2020, Xinxiang ushered in A wave of enterprise listing.On July 13, 2020, Manulife Healthcare Management was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.November 27 that year, Ruifeng new material in shenzhen Stock Exchange bell listed.On October 27, 2021, Tuoxin Pharmaceutical was listed on gem of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.In addition to hualan vaccine, which has just been listed, more than half of the existing listed companies in Xinxiang are newly listed after 2020.In addition, Xinxiang also has Cologne New Energy planned to land on the GEM and China Soldier Communication planned to land on the North Stock Exchange. At present, they have submitted listing materials and are in the queue for review.By the end of 2021, Xinxiang city still has 1 tutoring enterprise, 29 provincial key listed reserve enterprises, 25 neeQ listed companies, 686 regional equity market listed companies, full of listing reserve force.Xinxiang enterprises listed into the fast lane, can not do without the strong support of the local government.In 2020, the report of Xinxiang Municipal government clearly proposed to promote the initial listing of Enterprises such as Colon New Energy, Ruifeng New Material and Tianli Lithium energy, and strive for the successful listing of one or two enterprises.We will improve the reserve resource pool for enterprise upgrading, and promote the transformation of individual enterprises into enterprises, the upgrading of small regulations, the reform of regulations, and the listing of shares, so as to form a cascade and coordinated development pattern for large and medium-sized enterprises.In that year, Xinxiang city also issued the five-year Action plan for Listing of “Top Taihang” enterprises in Xinxiang City, which proposed preferential policies in stock reform, listing (listing), refinancing and other aspects of enterprises.Listed on the domestic main board, small and medium board, growth Enterprise Board and Science and Technology Innovation Board can enjoy up to 5 million yuan.By the end of 2024, xinxiang will have more than 10 listed companies at home and abroad, and more than 800 listed enterprises in total. More than half of the counties (cities) have listed companies, and the capital market financing has reached more than 80 billion yuan.The continuous emergence of listed reserve new army, superimposed policy dividend continued to increase, xinxiang capital market has a fruitful harvest.Xinxiang enterprises, assisted by the capital market, will also usher in a steady stream of surging momentum.Source: River Caicubic

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