The doctor joked: Spring Festival duty for 13 years, never received 3 times the duty fee!The reason is that…

The Spring Festival has been far away, the first day of the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, the medical staff on duty for the Spring Festival, can calculate this “account” with the hospital.What account?Ben said that the Spring Festival on duty three times a day wages, was a cover.Recently, a doctor said, “I have been working for 13 years, and I have never tried to make up a penny for working overtime on holidays, let alone making up for holidays. What is more serious now is that working overtime on weekends before and after holidays is regulated by the state, so I have to pay more.But there are no holidays either, so the more people rest, the more doctors work.Take annual leave is the national regulation, to the hospital but most did not take, even if there is a rest can only take half of the time, and finally to the end of the attendance but also deduct money, because not full attendance.”@impermanence: doctors are not paid three times to work during the Spring Festival, and are forced to accept some messy patients by the emergency department.Doctor this profession, really depend on boil, and do doctor almost no holiday say, very hard.@ early retirement: care to do, all year round value class, but also bear the medical risk, every time I see teachers’ salaries increase, when can put health has improved, the teacher, after all, there’s summer and winter vacations, doctors can’t even take a Spring Festival, also health all kinds of regulations to deduct money, all quick don’t want to be a doctor.In hospitals in Dongguan, Guangdong, administrative staff rest on weekends and national holidays, and medical staff go to work without any subsidy, let alone double or triple their wages!Because, the leader rests in the holiday, cannot calculate the medical staff holiday to go to work.Today Thursday: 24 hours, 40 yuan, 2 times, 3 times salary for major festivals?When did this happen?I was the only one the hospital didn’t send?Alas!@008: Even caretakers are paid three times. True story!GG: Doctors and nurses are outside of the labor law!Resident physician this title name does not accord with labor law!Where are we going to argue?What is this?To use Internet slang: life is really impermanent, big intestine wrapped small intestine!These mock medical staff, respectively from all parts of the country, the Spring Festival duty payment situation is similar, some less, no more.On the subject, similar things happen every year.It is like opening a scar to show others the wound, but it is a pity that people’s joys and sorrows are not connected.Doctor working overtime causes sudden death. What does that prove?There are cases of sudden death of doctors due to overtime work every year. For example, recently, a 26-year-old young doctor died of sudden death due to overtime work.Three days ago, a doctor in Chengdu, Sichuan province, also suffered sudden deafness due to excessive work pressure and overwork.Now state-owned enterprises also pay attention to labor productivity, the general situation is that one person when three people use, there is no overtime pay.Who knows what a doctor does?In many hospitals, some departments, such as hospital offices, medicine warehouses, women’s health care and other departments, during the Spring Festival, everyone on duty for seven days is full, but everyone is paid for seven days of duty.And the really busy clinical front-line medical staff on duty during the Spring Festival, the duty fee is just a fraction of them.However, the reality is that there are far more administrative and logistic staff than clinical front-line medical staff. A netizen even revealed to us that there are more than 600 people in their hospital, only more than 200 medical staff, and the rest are administrative and logistic staff.The resources occupied by these 400 people are far higher than those of more than 200 doctors and nurses, which means that there are more people in charge of people than those who do practical things, more people who do nothing than those who work hard, and more people who make connections than those who do clinical work.More importantly, because there are so many of them, they have the power to say, and therefore the power to allocate resources, and therefore the average of various bonuses and benefits.So that in the hospital formed a strange phenomenon, will be far more than the head stuck in the clinical front line popular, idle than busy popular, on duty and not on duty duty fees and no difference.Under such circumstances, it is a pipe dream for real front-line doctors and nurses to expect to be paid three times as much during the Spring Festival.Are doctors paid for overtime work?1, first of all, to determine whether the relationship between doctors and hospitals is a labor contract relationship, if so, it is subject to labor law adjustment, if not, it is not subject to labor law adjustment.2. The relationship between doctors outside the staff of public hospitals, individual clinics and employed doctors conforms to the characteristics of labor relations. The relationship between doctors and hospitals is labor contract and is protected by labor laws and regulations.What are the legal provisions concerning overtime work for medical staff?1, “Labor Law” 2, “Labor Contract Law” 3, “Regulations on personnel management of public institutions” 4, “Civil Servant law” “Regulations on personnel management of public institutions” article 34 stipulates that the staff of public institutions enjoy the welfare treatment stipulated by the state.Public institutions are subject to state working hours and leave systems, so medical staff are entitled to claim overtime pay from hospitals.How to protect rights?If the company does not give overtime pay, also do not arrange the rest of the shift, and even happened to raise the rest of the situation was dismissed.You can collect your data and file for labor arbitration.What does the evidence include?First, labor contract, it is prove that you and the enterprise labor relations between the main proof, second, clock, work overtime to prove: such as time sheets, third, colleague mutual proof, fourth, daily work proof, and if the departure time, and paid leave not enjoyment, also can ask the company make up for overtime, is can’t refuse.In fact, since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council and the competent health authorities have issued several notices, requiring the leaders of departments and hospitals at all levels to earnestly improve the treatment and various subsidies of front-line medical workers.In fact, the national level is aware of the hard work, sacrifice and dedication of some medical workers, and many documents on caring for frontline medical workers have been issued in recent years.Only when they got to the hospital, it was shelved.I hope that the hospital leaders and relevant competent departments can implement the law and let the medical staff get the legal salary of the state. Don’t let the angels in white “chill”.

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