The Jizhua-Jujube high-speed railway ran aground again and was not included in the list of key projects in Shandong in 2022

Known as the most beautiful high-speed railway line in Shandong province, The Jizhua-Jujube high-speed railway is one of the “six vertical” high-speed railway networks planned in the Medium and long Term Development Plan of Shandong Comprehensive Transportation Network (2018-2035).The planning has attracted much attention, especially in Jining and Zaozhuang, which is looking forward to the construction of high-speed railway between Jining and Zaozhuang.In 2019, The Jizzao high-speed railway was approved by the Medium and long term National Railway Network Planning (2016-2025), and included in the Medium and long term Development Plan of Shandong Comprehensive Transportation Network (2018-2035)!Then in December, shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission mentioned the extension of the High-speed railway to Taierzhuang.In 2020, the second session of the 17th People’s Congress of Jinan was held and announced to accelerate the construction of the High-speed railway between Jinan and Jujube.Subsequently, the Feasibility Study Report of the New Jinan to Zaozhuang Railway compiled by China Railway No.2 Hospital was reported in May.In 2021, a number of media released information, claiming that the construction will start within this year.Even some official media, ji ‘nan, Tai ‘an government work plan, ji Jujube high-speed rail has been repeatedly mentioned.Everything is advancing in the desired direction.China Railway’s approval of the Jizao high-speed railway in March 2021 seems to have been ignored.”The Jizzao high-speed railway overlaps with the Beijing-Shanghai line, running 114 kilometers in parallel, and further safety evaluation is needed for the construction plan.”!The year 2021 passed quickly.The preparatory work for the High-speed railway has already been carried out in many areas, such as Tai ‘an, where relevant land procedures have been advanced.Soon 2022 will come.Shandong province again released the list of major implementation projects and major preparation projects in 2022.Documents have been sent to municipalities.Unfortunately, there is no Jizao high-speed railway in the list.Xiaobian is very reluctant, and specifically check the “Medium and Long term Railway Network Planning”, there is still no Jizao high-speed railway in the directory.Is there any hope for the Jujube High-speed railway?Xiaobian as a zaozhuang people, from the heart level, of course, look forward to the construction of jizaozhuang high-speed railway.One city has three high-speed railway stations, what a proud thing, later to qufu, Tai ‘an and Jinan to play, also more convenient.However, as the investment amount of high-speed railway line is large, investment benefits must be considered.Is there a large passenger flow at Tengzhou East Station?Big or not to say first, the frequency is much less than at the beginning, I believe many tengzhou people know.What about the passenger flow in Zaozhuang?In addition to working outside the Spring Festival travel peak, May 11 day holiday, usually just for tourism to choose high-speed rail travel and how many people?As for Qufu, it is already on the Beijing-Shanghai line, as well as the South Shandong high-speed railway line. It is a north-south and east-west transport hub, and the Jizhua-Jujube high-speed railway is at best the icing on the cake.Then taian and Jinan.Taishan is one of the five sacred mountains, and whether or not it has a high-speed railway will not affect its appeal.And Jinan is the provincial capital city, there is no lack of traffic.So the most beautiful high-speed rail line is just icing on the cake for the cities along it, not indispensable.In fact, most people are very clear, the current Beijing-Shanghai line zaozhuang to Jinan, most of the time is not crowded!The beijing-Shanghai line has no problem with its carrying capacity.And these cities are not far, now the high speed is really developed, the Beijing-Taiwan highway has been expanded, want to go to Jinan or Tai ‘an, driving is also minutes, too convenient.High-speed rail is not the only option.Not only that, if you have seen the beijing-Shanghai second line, you will understand that there is not that much room for the Jizhua-Jujube line.To the west is the Beijing-Shanghai line, to the east is the second line.Beijing-shanghai line in the crack through?It is not necessary at all. It is better to build some side roads in the east and west direction.In addition, the passage of the high-speed railway in South Shandong directly avoids Zaozhuang, indicating that for the railway manager, zaozhuang tourism is not developed, and it is not a must-go city.The company must consider return on investment.The bullet train line is for mobility, not just for gay people.Once the passenger flow stops, the frequency will be reduced.And frequency is reduced, mean this route income is lower, can be marginalized slowly.Therefore, there is a high probability that the Jizao high-speed railway will really stop in the planning stage.Time will tell, let’s wait and see!

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