Steam fun game leaderboard, play this game to give the character reasonable vitamin intake

As a seafaring sandbox game, ATLAS sometimes relies on its unique and interesting survival play.As anyone who has played ATLAS will appreciate, the survival mechanics are pretty hardcore, and there’s not much guidance at the beginning, it’s all about figuring things out on your own.Some of the Settings are so special that you can lose blood like crazy if you’re not careful, and you don’t know why.Just as people are iron and rice is steel, the most important basic character attribute in ATLAS is hunger.Eating is a very delicate thing, not simply to fill the stomach.There are certain things you can’t eat in pirate land, like raw meat, which can be poisoned if you don’t roast it over a campfire.In addition, there is a special thing, we had better not touch, that is feces, some players die, challenge to eat feces, a eat will die.Speaking of what should not be eaten, it is said that what should be eaten is nothing more than two categories, one is vegetables, the other is meat.Vegetables can be obtained directly in the field, or you can learn to master some farming skills, then purchase seeds from NPC and plant them in the field.Meat is obtained by hunting or fishing.Different foods contain different vitamins, and players must target their intake.Vegetables are rich in vitamins A and C, meat is rich in VITAMIN B, and the most special vitamin D is fish.So in ATLAS, in addition to being a good farmer, you also have to be a good fisherman.Eating well at the same time can be quite a challenge for players, but as time goes on, it becomes easier to cope with the food intake.What do you think of the knowledge of eating in ATLAS?Let’s talk in the comments section.

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