Seven words: fundus clear ripples thousands of jade, meifeng qi tree flowers

Seven rules of nine years of age by the beginning of nine years, a good year began to come again.Yin evil rhythm frost steps, Yang qi climbed back to the winter solstice.Season cold with old wine, wintersweet spit as the new chief.After the swallows fly around the beam, listen to spring thunder bursts urge.Seven laws · Cold wave vision wearing clouds yellow sun, cold wind crazy.Sidewalks wrapped head shrink, frozen bird pine feather hide.One night Princess Qiong fell to earth, qianfeng Yushu yao light.The furnace is sitting poetry, snow diameter hanmei pass fragrance.Seven law dream back border pass last night sweet dream meet, brain bag foothill jump bluish cong.Frost congeals completely the spirit wang, ice thoroughly pingsha bold male.Lean on the sword edge closed tiger account, zheng Qiu north que wan carved bow.Dimly still remember that year scenery, patriotic feelings since ancient times with.Seven laws · Huangjiawan reservoir block Bay Valley water to live in Huangjia, a few degrees of Cangliu dye hua.Fundus clear ripples thousand fold jade, meifeng qi tree million flowers.Gurgling if the rhyme to listen to Fangqu, yan Yan floating gold to see Zixia.Zhandao Kiosk gao stay far visitors, coagulation feeling pagodas do not need tea.The first New Year’s Apple presents, the skin red moist taste sweet.Yu said to age chin body good, wish family always shun an.Filial love book moved, guest thanks chung chest.Evening love is more than the sunset beauty, wisdom park laughter.Remembering Chairman MAO one hundred years ago, the clouds covered the sun and saved the birthday of Xiangchu.Stirring up the text jing Tian theory, pointing out the true jiangshan doctrine.The founding of the great achievements through the ages, the great work for a long time in Compliance.At present, China is safe, spring dye Vientiane new.The seven laws of Changjin Lake The fishy wind and rain on Changjin Lake, the enemy troubles my sword.The evil aggressors, burn camp fried brigade cut stubborn division.Chinese sons and daughters heroic courage, the United States alone paper tiger skin.Duck green river male jia Zhi, Kyushu live up to the red flag.Seven laws · Spring township Prose notes Hometown Yangchun Purple Yan pian, Fang yuan holding water reflecting blue sky.Cauliflower yellow no roads, wheat green shop block field.Straight red apricot rain, hewan run dyed green Yang smoke.Get up early in the morning to the top, laughing at the morning glow put kite.Although the plum blossom is not about winter, the four seasons of the year zhan easy.Red and yellow colorful with inflammation, pink and purple fengzi cold.Soak up for a long time dense grass gas, long pull wen Wan Revlon.Cold to avoid the plague upset day, like bosom friend relief depression.On New Year’s Day, it was cold and gloomy.Cloud dense Yang sun hidden, peak love re-tim on the sky yan.Liu hang naked silver love, lake carp lack of food is not huan.Field wheat hibernation goose feather falls, red plum hope snow drunk yan Pian.Photo album Photo album

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