Nintendo Switch members join a number of retro games and two classic titles launch special editions

Nintendo Switch Online, which features free games for retro games, recently added three new titles to its NES and SNES catalogs: Cheerleader 2, Catch Me If you Can 2, and Earthworm Warrior 2, along with a promotional video.Also missing from the video are two classic games that have been released in special editions: Super Boxing Champion Edition and Super Mario World SP.Nintendo Switch Online has been updated regularly since its launch in 2018, with new games added every few months.These games are old, but they’re classics.Like Catch Me If You Can 2, its magic music and simple but intense action impressed me back in the red and White days.There are two new special editions, in addition to the reworked graphics, gameplay content has also been added.In Super Mario World SP, for example, the player’s health has been greatly increased, allowing the player to experiment freely without fear of dying.In addition, the game map has been improved with new color schemes, and the fall theme can be unlocked once the secret level is completed.Super Boxing champion edition is a classic boxing game, the new version of the game will directly unlock all match modes and opponents, saving players time, including small tournaments, large tournaments and world tournaments.Players can also unlock special tournaments after completing a certain amount of progress.In addition, players can test their skills using a time attack mode.

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