General Institute of Design: revenue in 2021 reached 2.357 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 23.41%

China Securities Network (Wang Luo) Design Institute (603357) On March 25 evening released 2021 annual report, the reporting period, the company achieved operating revenue of 2.357 billion yuan, 23.41% higher than the same period last year;Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies reached 388 million yuan, up 6.90% from the same period last year.The company intends to distribute cash dividends of 4.60 YUAN (tax included) to all shareholders for every 10 shares, with a total cash dividend of 209,089,600 yuan (tax included), accounting for 53.85% of the net profit attributable to the parent company in the consolidated statement of the current year.The annual report shows that during the reporting period, the company’s main business indicators continued to grow, realizing the main business revenue of 2.354 billion yuan, up 23.35% year on year, the new contract signed 3.953 billion yuan, up 6.44% year on year, in hand orders 6.639 billion yuan, up 27.67% year on year.In 2021, the company’s regional markets continue to consolidate, the steady development of each business segment, and the development of new areas achieved results.During the reporting period, the revenue of survey and design business (survey and design, consulting research and development, test and testing) reached 1.495 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 7.68%;Project management business achieved revenue of 124 million yuan, up 43.25% year on year;The revenue of general contracting and other businesses reached 734 million yuan, up 69.60% year on year.In terms of general contracting and other business, the company has steadily promoted EPC, whole process consulting and other business. During the reporting period, the company has obtained projects represented by the whole process consulting service of S228 Anqing to Zhuangyang reconstruction project and S465 Luohu Bridge wiring project (Yixiu section), with a total contract amount of 1.319 billion yuan and a revenue of 734 million yuan.With a year-on-year growth of 69.60%, the overall development level remains high.In terms of digitalization business, during the report period, the company took “business digitization, digital industrialization” as the strategic direction and adhered to the business positioning of “high-quality development” and “digitalization + Industry”. First, the company continued to promote the construction of digital design Institute, started the second phase of cloud construction, and promoted cloud office.Increased promotion of the use of collaborative design system and the development of intelligent parametric mapping tools, GIS big data survey and design intelligent cloud field system and cloud survey system online and applied a number of key projects;Initiate industry digital delivery and smart business technology research.Second, it has actively expanded the digital business of infrastructure engineering. It has developed a number of BIM technical consulting projects such as Xiage Hub of Mingchao Expressway, Altai-Urumqi Highway, Jieshoudong Interchange and so on, and has undertaken monitoring technical services for the construction of pipe piles for soft foundation treatment in the reconstruction and expansion of Ningwu-Ningbo Expressway.Third, based on the integration of resources in the industry, the company has obtained the professional contracting qualification of electronic and intelligent engineering. The ningwu-Intelligent High-speed implementation plan, which was deeply involved in, has been approved by the Ministry of Communications.In 2021, the company has obtained projects represented by Anhui Provincial Transportation Travel Information Service Platform, New energy Vehicle Inspection Center (Tianjin) Smart Park and local road network control, with a new contract amount of 29.25 million yuan.The design Institute said that the company’s business plan in 2022 is to achieve an annual operating income increase of 10%-40% on the basis of 2021, and net profit attributable to the parent company shareholders increase by 10%-30% on the basis of 2021.In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the “1233” strategy, adhere to the business positioning of “one group, two chains + digital + cross-border”, and steadily promote and improve the “high, precise and specialized” professional technical service and consulting R&D business group.Through design centered “engineering investment and consulting + planning + design + construction” and centering on the detection of “health monitoring, diagnosis and design + repair” two construction and operations industry chain, built up based on cloud computing, big data, AI and BIM work platform, actively create “wisdom +” products/services, promote the development of digitization business transformation;Promote business to water environmental governance, urban construction and other horizontal areas of cross-border extension.Maximize the benefits of enterprises, employees, investors and society.

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