Zhang Fei killed his father, Guan Yu Cao Cao took away his mother, the child grew up to become cao Wei general, who was he?

From an ordinary man to a valiant general, Qin Lang kept himself at ease and worked hard all his life. He finally got his place and realized his value.At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, wars were frequent and the world was divided into three parts. “Romance of The Three Kingdoms” records the smoke and flames of war in this era, and describes the foresight of countless wise men and the mighty and heroic bearing of heroes.However, some minor players, who played an important role in the war, were ignored.Qin Lang is such a small role.His father was killed by Zhang Fei, and his mother was fought over by Cao Cao and Guan Yu. However, he did not give up eating for fear of choking. Instead, he kept a low profile and kept a low profile.Her mother Qin Lang is the child of Qin Yilu and Mrs. Du. Influenced by her father, she studied martial arts at an early age and loved military affairs. She was determined to become a general from her childhood.Under the upbringing of Qin Yilu and Mrs. Du, Qin Lang lived an ordinary and happy life until the appearance of Lu Bu broke the situation.Mrs. Du was born beautiful, dimple like flowers, looks surprised for heaven, by Lu Bu’s love.Lu Bu in order to get close to Mrs. Du, specifically appointed Qin Yilu as his own men, in order to play politics, manipulate Qin Yilu.On the one hand, Lu Bu appointed Qin Yilu as a diplomatic envoy to Yuan Shu and secretly asked Yuan Shu to betrote him the daughter of a Han clan, leaving him in Runan to avoid meeting With Lady Du.On the other hand, he also often in and out of Mrs. Du home, and finally Mrs. Du forced to stay in his side.In 198, Liu Bei was defeated by Lu Bu. He had no choice but to join Cao Cao in defeating Lu Bu.Hearing the news, Guan Yu applied to join the army and made an agreement with Cao Cao that after helping Cao cao defeat Lu Bu, he would marry Lady Du to him.Cao Cao readily agreed.Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Guan Yu joined forces to defeat Lu Bu.Before he kept his promise, Cao Cao could not help wondering who Lady Du was that had won the hearts of Lu Bu and Guan Yu. He went to see Her.Unexpectedly, Cao Cao was also attracted by Lady Du’s beauty.Madame Du was beautiful, dignified and charming. Cao Cao forgot his agreement with Guan Yu and forced Madame Du to be his concubine regardless of Guan Yu’s anger.In this way, Qin Lang followed his mother Lady Du into cao’s palace. Cao Cao, as the ruler of the kingdom, would not have to worry about raising another son.Thus, Qin Lang became Cao Cao’s stepson and lived with him in Cao’s palace.The Death of his Father In 198, When Lu Bu was defeated, Qin Yilu was afraid of death. In order to save his life, he even went to Cao Cao’s camp.Cao Cao also forget the past, qin Yilu received as subordinates, and even granted him 铚 county magistrate.In 199, Liu Bei prepared to rebel against Cao.At this time, Zhang Fei came to Cao Ying, find Qin Yilu, in an attempt to stir up trouble, provoke Qin Yilu, let him work on his own.Zhang Fei told Qin Yilu that Cao Cao had taken a beautiful Lady Du as his concubine, and that his son had claimed another man as his father while Qin Yilu himself was acting like a running dog, shameless and spineless.After listening to these words, qin Yilu was completely angered by cao Cao’s resentment, he began to hate and hate Cao Cao from the bottom of his heart, is angry he immediately packed up and went to Zhang Fei.However, on the road, the cowardly Qin Yilu regret again.He thought, betray Cao Cao, just his brain a hot do not rational behavior.Cao Cao is a wise man with strong forces. Disobeying Cao Cao is a dead end.Zhang Fei temper, see so hesitate to stand still, greedy Qin Yilu, furious, furious, plus Qin Yilu promise no word, in a rage, they killed Qin Yilu.In this way, Qin Lang lost his father.Qin Lang’s father was killed by Zhang Fei and his mother was married by Cao Cao qiang.His personal experience of the tragedy shaped his calm and cautious character.Even though he became the stepson of Cao Cao, the king of the country, Qin Lang did not rely on the spoiled and arrogant, but maintained a low-key, practical quality.After entering cao Mansion, Qin Lang was very loved by Cao Cao, and treated Qin Lang as close as his own son.Cao Cao said proudly to everyone he met, “Is there anyone who loves his stepson as much as I do?”Qin Lang studied martial arts since childhood, proficient in military affairs, brilliant, after entering the Cao Fu has never stopped reading and learning.However, because of his personality is too introverted, cao Cao did not reuse him, he also knows that he is not cao cao’s blood relatives, unable to touch the center of power.In 220, Cao Cao died and was succeeded by his son Cao PI, who promoted and put into use a large number of useful talents.However, cao PI ignored Qin Lang because he was too low-key and never tried to flatter him.Even so, Qin Lang did not stop improving himself.During the reign of Cao PI, Qin Lang traveled around to expand his knowledge, read poems and books, learned the art of war, and accumulated experience in governing the country.He believed that one day he would be able to accumulate a strong accumulation and get the place of use.In 226, Cao PI died and Cao Rui ascended the throne.At that time, sima family was trying to seize power, political instability, various clans eyeing, trying to usurp the throne.In this environment, Qin Lang still withstood the temptation, honest, practical work, no overstepping suspicion.In addition, in order to get the appreciation of the emperor, the younger generation in the officialdom, often expose their colleagues’ wrongdoings to the emperor, regardless of the feelings of fighting together.Cao Rui surface praise, the heart is very disgusted with such duplicity, and Qin Lang never do such a thing.See Qin Lang so, Cao Rui thinks he is a trustworthy person, very respect, trust the uncle who assisted three generations of emperors.Finally, in Cao Rui here, Qin Lang has been reused, finally have the land of display.During the reign of Cao Rui, Qin Lang was given the title of prima General and appointed as a member of the prima General, giving him the privilege of accompanying the sage to the imperial palace.In addition, the palace, Cao Rui unsure of the time, will first ask Qin Lang’s opinion, attach great importance to Qin Lang.In 233 AD, the Xianbei ethnic groups joined forces with other ethnic groups to fight against the State of Wei. The Wei army was defeated in several battles and the war situation was once in a state of tension.At this time, Qin Lang volunteered, led the troops to suppress, beat the enemy successively defeated, and even exposed the traitor, returned home in triumph.During the reign of Cao Rui, Qin Lang had been his trusted minister, who was not only appreciated and valued by the emperor, but also flattered and pursued by many people.Although later dismissed because of malicious slanders, Qin Lang finally also lived a stable and dull life in his later years.There is no shortage of machiavellian sycophants in official life, trying to cut their way to promotion.However, people like Qin Lang who keep his own order and work hard are very rare. Gold will always shine, and such people will always stand out one day.Therefore, even in modern times, we still need to focus on improving ourselves like Qin Lang, down-to-earth and pragmatic, rather than opportunistic, looking for shortcuts, and ultimately backfire, resulting in a bad end.

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