Taixing the most beef spicy goose, earn millions of years, the owner of the customer love to ignore business is capricious

Taixing, located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, is famous for its spicy geese, which have a Wilder taste than salt water geese and are particularly appetizing when eaten.Goose is a food of high nutritional value, rich in a variety of amino acids similar to the human body, but it is rarely eaten at home on weekdays, because it will have a SAO taste if not handled well. Fortunately, there are many restaurants selling big goose, so you can buy it directly from the store.Taixing spicy goose, is famous in the surrounding area, some say had it is hard to forget, put the good goose to cut into the basin, pour the red oil, add cilantro, peanuts, garlic and seasoning, shake shake, spicy goose, at this time has been transformed from the original taste spicy spied, it compared with the faint scent of brine geese, spicy goose unique Chinese prickly ash and hemp pepper aroma is very thick,It is a kind of impact on the mouth, the joyful and refreshing feeling, spread throughout the body, let a person aftertaste endless, some people say that spicy goose is the “Sichuan” in Huaiyang cuisine, to meet the taste of a lot of people, now the young people are more picky about food, but to spicy goose is special.Taixing best spicy goose, it is said that years to earn millions, this shop is very small, only 10 square, only eat no take-away, wife of shop-owner has more than 60 years of age, compared to the general kind of peers, appear very is indifferent, all without a smiling face, also refused to answer customers question, even the guest asked her how much money a catty, she also ignore, to eat the guests are all old guest,Know the price.See the owner’s wife to the guest a pair of love ignore appearance, could not help but sigh, good business is capricious ah.Most of their geese are cooked in the traditional old way within a year or so and are very famous in the local area. For some new customers, the owner’s wife doesn’t mind, but the practice still causes discomfort.Open business, delicious food is on the one hand, service is also on the other hand, the price of food should also include service costs.It is understandable that the boss’s cold face is only in a bad mood recently. If it is always like this, it is a bad habit for guests to come out.Some netizens say that if the owner’s wife treats me like this, I will not eat her food no matter how delicious it is. What do you think of this?

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