New power of Chinese sports!Basketball stars pay attention to Gu Ailing, Beckham congratulates Zhang Linyan for winning the title

With the conclusion of the Asian Women’s Football Cup and the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the success of Chinese players has deeply affected the international sports circle.Gu Ailing won the gold medal in the women’s platform, making history for China and showing her unique personal charm.Later, Nets star Kevin Durant kept up with the news and followed Gu on his social media account.On the other hand, The Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup after many years, which injected a “strong shot” into The Chinese football.Zhang Linyan, who scored both a penalty and a header in the final, received congratulations from her old friend Beckham.Be spontaneous!Gu Ailing won the women’s platform at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, becoming the second gold medal for China in skiing history and the first Chinese woman.Moreover, Gu Ailing’s performance after the game has also been recognized by the outside world.She said that she is in the Winter Olympics to achieve the human limit of the breakthrough, in the face of doubt, Gu Is also expressed their “spontaneous”.For the 18-year-old girl, she won the gold medal in the 1620 off axis twist.After that, hard-to-find stars from the NBA began to pay attention to Gu.Durant is now recovering from injury for Gu Ailing also carried out a concern, do not know whether these two people will have some linkage in some things?Old friends send blessings!Guangzhou youth zhang Linyan scored two goals in the women’s Asian Cup final to help China lift the trophy with last-gasp winners.”Black sister” Zhang Linyan was not only interviewed, but also expressed his self-confidence.As she posted her message on her social media account, soccer star David Beckham left her a message and wished her well.Zhang Linyan loves football since she was a child. She was selected by the youth training team of Guangzhou football Team in the football match in Sichuan.Subsequently, Zhang Linyan got the opportunity to be right for free, and got special training.In the same year, Zhang Linyan and Beckham interacted in a football show.Soon, Zhang Linyan’s progress was obvious and she was selected to the Chinese women’s football team at various ages.Before she turned 20, she also made it to the professional league and was brought to the Women’s Asian Cup by water coaching.Now that Zhang linyan has achieved success, Beckham is the first to send his blessing to her.As the saying goes, “Gold always shines.”Chinese sports are among the top in the world, but the development of individual events has been unsatisfactory.However, there are always some Chinese players, in order to the national breakthrough in sports and constantly strive, not only surpass the people around but also stand on the top of the world sports.Gu Ailing and Zhang Linyan, a pair of young Chinese girls, are attracting the attention of the world with their unique charm and proving the strength of China.

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