Many places in Inner Mongolia face snowfall

Xinhua News Agency Hohhot, February 13 (reporter Halina)The reporter learned from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region meteorological Bureau, by the high trough, low level convergence shear and inverted trough of the common influence, the 13th most parts of Inner Mongolia snow weather, among which, the south of central Inner Mongolia and southeast of the west region of the medium to heavy snow weather.In the morning, Hohhot, capital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is already covered with snow.According to the Hohhot meteorological Bureau, a total of 27 stations out of 31 weighing and monitoring stations in Hohhot saw snow from 8 am Wednesday to 8 am Wednesday, with one station reporting heavy snow.The reporter learned from the Inner Mongolia traffic management department, affected by the snow, Inner Mongolia expressway implementation of traffic control.The reporter learned from Hohhot Railway Station that the number of passengers sent by Hohhot railway Station on The 13th increased by more than 30% compared with normal days.In order to meet the demand of passengers, the railway authorities reconnected 13 emU trains between Hohhot and Baotou and Beijing, increasing the daily capacity of more than 3,000 passengers.In addition, the first large-scale snowfall in the Year of the Tiger began early Wednesday morning in The city, according to the Zhungeer Meteorological Bureau.Zhungeer Banner weather bureau seized the favorable opportunity to actively carry out artificial snow operations.Inner Mongolia meteorological Station issued a blue warning signal at 10:30 am: the central and southern parts of Inner Mongolia will see more than 4 mm of snow within 12 hours, which may affect transportation, agriculture and animal husbandry.

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