County government to do special study and implement the county “two sessions” spirit

On January 24, the Office of The People’s Government of Huize county held a concentrated study activity for the party members of county government organs in the fourth week of 2022 to convey the spirit of the “two sessions” of the county.The meeting studied the important documents and materials of the county’s “two sessions”, focusing on the “main tasks for the next five years, work arrangements in 2022” for in-depth interpretation.Learned the relevant knowledge of organ party construction, arranged and deployed the recent key work.Meeting requirements, all cadres and workers to seriously learn to understand the county “two sessions” spirit, to promote the implementation of efforts in the practice of the county “two sessions” spirit to do in practice, walk in the forefront.We need to deepen our understanding of party building in government-run organs, improve our political standing, maintain active participation, and conscientiously fulfill our obligations as party members.During the Spring Festival, the COVID-19 prevention and control work should be carried out on a regular basis. It is necessary to strictly report to and avoid medium-high risk areas, pay attention to transportation and fire prevention, strictly enforce the holiday duty system, and do a good job on duty.To strict discipline style, strictly abide by the rules of discipline, clean and civilized holidays.County government office Li Zhengbin Feng Minrui editor: Yuan Ronghui

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