A 40-year-old farmer in Shanghai, who has been pregnant for four years, claimed to be able to talk to her fetus after an expert examination revealed the truth

Article history of history of editing | | yipin said yipin said “her pregnant how long?””Four years.””Has it been like this all these four years?””Yes, it’s always like that. The baby just won’t come out.”In a small coastal village in Shanghai, there is such a farmer, she was pregnant for more than four years, this is not a small series of nonsense, the husband told the reporter.Mr. Wu (pseudonym), his wife Ms. Zhang (pseudonym) in 2005 one day, over 40 years of the couple are having dinner at home, Ms. Zhang suddenly vomited at the dinner table, “is the dish not fresh?No, I did, too.”Mr. Wu quickly patted his wife on the back to calm her down. Neither of them took it to heart, thinking it was a cold that made them feel uncomfortable. But what happened next made both of them overjoyed.”I loved chili peppers back then.”After Ms. Zhang vomited, she became particularly keen on spicy food. She could eat half a bowl of chili for a meal, and every time she ate it, she had to make it sour.As the saying goes, “sour son hot female”, can you still be pregnant over 40?She already has a daughter, now she is 18 years old, she is going to have a brother and sister?This event made the couple happy for a long time.”To the day, that did not come, still like to eat spicy eat sour, still vomit.”Isn’t that a sign of pregnancy?They had some doubts at the beginning, the couple went together to the village “old doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine” clinic, his words let the heart stone fell to the ground, “you are happy pulse ah.”The couple went home at ease to keep the fetus, but then, strange things came to the home, “October pregnancy, the second was born in the first month.”But after the first month after the belly inside of the child as if don’t try so hard, Mrs. Zhang the spit or spit, more like to eat spicy, sour, or still love, the children watched live up, has been not to come out does not matter, they found the previously seen again “old Chinese” “gee yeah, I see a doctor for so many years, this is the first time this happened.””The child in your belly, don’t know what reason, born slow growth.””You feel at ease to go home to raise, now also 3-4 months.”Hearing this, the couple were relieved that their baby was only growing slowly, and when Zhang stayed at home for two years, she went to the clinic again.”Well.I can feel my baby’s heartbeat now. It’s been around seven months.”For two years, Ms. Zhang did nothing but lie peacefully in bed.Now there is no other way, let his wife lie down, unexpectedly, this trip will be four years (nezha was born only three and a half years, that is already longer than he.In 2009, the “giant baby” who had been in his mother’s belly for four years finally got something moving. One morning, Mr. Wu packed up his home and prepared to go out to work. Before he reached the door, he heard his wife calling “Husband!Come back here!It seems to be coming!”Hearing this, Mr. Wu felt a little nervous, “I haven’t prepared anything yet!”Nezha was a ball of flesh and his “child” was more than half his age. Could he have been an anomaly?This is extremely unscientific in modern times, and we all know that a fetus can’t stay inside the mother for very long.When the time comes, we must hurry to prepare for the birth action, which has been four years, if it is normal pregnancy for such a long time, consumption can also kill the mother.In those days, the Wu family and their neighbors thought differently, as we now understand it. “Don’t you think it’s strange to carry a baby for four years?””It?Normal phenomenon, we think there should be this matter “neighbors said the Wu family of this child, aura.He can respond to news from the outside world in Ms. Zhang’s stomach.”Baby, can you hear me?Change it if you can hear it.”As the sound sounded, Ms. Zhang’s stomach began to shrink abnormally.”This child has spiritual yo, you say what to say right he will respond” things is more and more absurd “mysterious”, pregnant for four years silent also count, this began to hear others call through the thick belly, to others have a response.What secrets are there waiting to be uncovered?The reporter came to the Wu family “aunt, can I see your belly?””Yes, yes, come and see.”Say words she lay down on the bed, the reporter carefully opened Ms. Zhang’s jacket.The reporter found some questions, how her belly and other pregnant women bulge shape is not the same?It was soft to the touch, but that alone wasn’t enough to prove anything. After all, she wasn’t a freak.”What do you see here, child?”The reporter took out a glass of water. “Is that a fan?Is it a kettle?Is it a glass of water?”After “listening” to the last answer, Ms. Zhang’s woman began to move, which can frighten the reporter.Heart separated belly, is “child mother” lying?The villagers put on a big show together?Just as the press corps was holding this idea, an astonishing scene appeared. Ms. Zhang asked her husband to take out a towel to cover her face. Her eyes were completely dark.”Is this a comb?”Weird shaking. What’s going on?Her husband, Mr. Wu, has been scattered, how can he still feel blindfolded?This doesn’t sound like a self-directed farce.For Ms. Zhang’s own safety, they took her to a regular hospital, where they wanted to do a full checkup.After all, with a big belly, there’s always danger.”Has the hospital ever had a patient like this before?””No, not at all.”Under the doctor’s inquiry, the Wu couple realized that they were pregnant, only went to the village of the old Traditional Chinese medicine “outpatient clinic” to see some, and did not carry out blood tests, urine testing, these auxiliary probe means of pregnancy.”How fat were you?120 jins?Come up and look at the present.”Nearly 190 pounds!Over the course of four years, the baby has gained 70 pounds on its mother!The hospital came to a “four years of maternity”, but all the pregnant women who move in the delivery room, ran over to watch the fun, small corridor was surrounded by overflowing.”What do you think is in this stomach?””Must be a fetus, you see the belly is so big!”Everyone was talking about a stillbirth, a tumor, and confirmation that it was a child.There was a lot of talk.But the Wus were deaf to such doubts.They had heard these words countless times in the village, and now Ms. Zhang lay quietly on the bed while the doctor examined her stomach.”No, I can’t touch anything. The fat is too thick.”Have you ever heard of a fetal heartbeat?Yes, with a stethoscope.They did not go through the professional equipment to test the fetal heart, just using the oldest method.The doctor used a professional instrument and listened carefully but could not hear anything. The heartbeat of the fetus is very fast, so there would be no movement under the instrument. Since entering the hospital, the lady’s stomach has been quiet.At this time the director came to the scene, “Director, can’t touch the bottom of the palace.””Give her a B ultrasound, have a child to see to know.”This is a lady from the bed to climb up to the public pendulum hand “don’t laborious, B super do not come out of what.”Her heart seemed to resist this matter. “Don’t delay the matter. Other hospitals are seeing it, so you can see it now?I can’t show my kid. I’m wasting money.After reporters and doctors of a burst of persuasion, Ms. Zhang finally agreed to do B ultrasound, her heart reluctantly unwilling to lie on the stage, began the examination.”This have no thing, not be fat?””This person can be fat enough, have fatty liver, you see here, all is oil.””No, doctor?” Mr. Wu repeatedly asked.”Science can’t cheat, nothing means nothing!”The couple never dreamed that their four-year commitment was just a joke, “I don’t recognize the result, time will tell.Can I not know if I am pregnant?””Science isn’t good enough right now, even my kids can’t tell.”Zhang Wu couple said to the camera this thought to the hospital will be able to take out the child everyone is happy, who knows this is the moon in the well empty joy, two people have some trance.When she got to the door, Ms. Zhang turned around and said, “Do you know why I don’t want to come to the hospital and have an examination?My child told me before I came that he would be in danger if he came to the hospital!”Ghosts are not credible, but this is too mysterious, hot summer seems to spread a layer of cool.How could they have believed such a ridiculous thing for four years when their husband insisted it was true even though they could talk to a child they didn’t have?Reporter specially to find the psychological expert, want to let them use the scientific method to answer questions, just saw at a glance the experts told reporters that “this may be a psychological effect, repeated lies thousands of times is a fact, may be their hearts too much expectation, psychological things reflected in the body, forcing the body appear some pregnancy reaction, in terms of medicine,It could also be called a false pregnancy.”Since they married in 1991, wu was her husband outside struggle to earn money for the family, two people down more than a decade, never red face quarrelling, until my daughter was born, the couple as “eye” general protection, his daughter to Mr. Wu’s mother was not satisfied with, her feudal thought to want to have a grandson.He often taunts his daughter-in-law.After criticizing her son, Ms. Zhang saw that her husband felt guilty for being a thankless servant to her elders. Gradually, she thought, “I want to get pregnant and have a son!”Mr. Wu decided not to destroy his wife’s “dream”, he would take good care of her, protect her, “I want to serve her all her life” this simple man is ready to show his love with action.This is really, really hard to love.In this xiaobian also reminds you that boys and girls are the same!Daughters hold up half the sky!We should not be bound by feudal thoughts. The happiest thing for the old is to see the children happy!Note: original works, plagiarism, washing manuscripts will be investigated!Pictures from the network, if any infringement, 36 hours must be deleted, thank you

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