Nanjing ecological environment iron Army in action

Environmental protection does not stop, The Spring Festival “does not close” in the day of family reunion, there is a group of ecological environmental protection iron army still stick to the post fighting in the front line of environmental protection now let us feel the nanjing ecological environmental protection iron Army forging ahead style!On the first day of the first lunar month, nanjing Ecological environment comprehensive administrative law enforcement Bureau divided into 5 groups, respectively to industrial enterprises, gas stations, construction sites, such as storage yard to carry out special law enforcement of the Spring Festival atmosphere.The supervision bureau of Jiangbei New District Sub-bureau inspected the implementation of atmospheric control measures of some enterprises in the area, urged enterprises to take the initiative to post control plans, strictly implement control measures, and found no abnormalities in VOC navigation of new material science and Technology Park.Qixia Ecological environment Bureau inspected Qixia Hospital, alkyl benzene plant, Yuexiang and Yuefu 7 gas station.Pukou Ecological environment Bureau organized law enforcement officers to inspect the law enforcement of gas stations within their jurisdiction.It was found that some gas stations had problems of imperfect emergency plans and damaged gas collecting hoods of refueling guns. Law enforcement officers issued rectification notices on the spot, requiring the enterprises to rectify the existing problems immediately, and reported the rectification to Pukou Ecological Environment Bureau after the New Year.Jianye Bureau of Ecology and Environment has carried out on-site inspections on the implementation of atmospheric control and work safety during festivals by some gas stations, restaurants and community health service centers and other enterprises within its jurisdiction, requiring immediate rectification of existing problems and using standard law enforcement procedures for on-site law enforcement inspections.Qinhuai Ecological environment Bureau dispatched law enforcement personnel 15 person-times to inspect catering units and gas stations in key areas, and on-site guidance on the existing problems have been corrected.Jiangning Ecological environment Bureau inspected sinopec Sales Co., LTD. Jinfoil Road gas station in Jiangning, Nanjing, Jiangsu province, and conducted special atmospheric inspection on Nanjing Zhonglian Cement Co., LTD during the festival.Yuhuatai Ecological environment Bureau carried out special law enforcement and environmental safety inspection on some sinopec sites and restaurants during the Spring Festival.Gaochun Ecological environment bureau inspected some industrial enterprises and gas stations, and organized publicity Tours to ban fireworks.Lishui Ecological Environment Bureau inspected the catering enterprises and gas stations under its jurisdiction, dispatched 4 person-times, inspected 10 points, found 10 problems, and rectified 10 places.Gulou Ecological environment Bureau carried out a special law enforcement inspection of restaurants and restaurants within its jurisdiction during the Spring Festival, and ordered rectification of the problems found.Liuhe Ecological environment Bureau sent 60 people to inspect 14 industrial enterprises, 5 gas stations, 3 non-road machinery, 14 restaurants and 10 construction sites. All the problems found were required to be promptly investigated and corrected.Xuanwu Ecological Environment Bureau inspected industrial enterprises and catering business units under its jurisdiction, and found 8 problems. Seven problems were required to be rectified immediately on site, and one was planned to be registered and punished.Correspondent: Tang Weili Editor: Wang Sha, Yao Wenjing Planning: Shi Yong, Zhang Jian Review: Chu Fangqiao, Wang Sha published: Chen Ying

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