After 18 years of hard work, a torn Achilles tendon and a brutal defeat, how hard is it for a Winter Olympic athlete to win gold?

Wen Lao zhao Lao zhao talk talk to edit | | 2022 Olympic winter games in China so far has been 11 days, China won 6 gold MEDALS, each medal is China’s first on the project, including, short track speed skating 2000 – meter medley relay, the men’s 1000 meters,Freestyle skiing women’s Big jump, men’s 500-meter speed skating, freestyle skiing women’s aerials, snowboarding men’s Big jump.Since 1980, China has participated in the Winter Olympics for 42 years. Along the way, its athletes have put in great efforts behind the scenes and sometimes suffered from the hands of their opponents.One of the most memorable gold MEDALS in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics was the loss of China’s Li Xuan, who lost her gold medal when choi Ji-hyun of South Korea grabbed her body and threw her out of control in the turn.So whenever athletes win prizes, we all sigh at their strength.Now in our celebration of the winter Olympics athletes have repeatedly achieved good results at the same time, a review of the motherland won the first gold warriors.Yang Yang was born in 1975 in Heilongjiang province, where snow and ice cover one-third of the time each year, giving her an early introduction to skating.At the sports school, because there was no indoor ice rink at that time, Yang Yang had to train in the snow and ice, which made his ears swollen and seemed to fall off when he returned to the dormitory.When the local ice season was over, she followed her coach to the training center in the provincial capital, 100 kilometers away, where she lived in a rented bungalow and ate homemade food in addition to training.Yang Yang such life Yang Yang had 4 years, in 1988 she entered the provincial sports school team, but the result is the worst, in order not to be returned she began to practice day and night, others practice 4 hours, she practice 1 hour, others do 10 sets of movements, she will do 13 sets.With constant improvement, Yang Yang finally caught up with her teammates one year later. Two years later, she entered the provincial sports team and won three gold MEDALS in the National short track speed skating Championship, including the 3,000-meter race.Yang Yang was selected to the national team in 1995 by his excellent performance.At the gathering place of the country’s top athletes, Yang Yang dared not relax, even if other members of the team were punished, she felt that it would put a gap between her and them.The doctor wanted to persuade Yang Yang to rest, but in order not to fall behind, Yang Yang went to the ice the next day, training as usual ruthless.Fortunately, Yang Yang’s efforts were in proportion to her efforts. In the following three years, she broke the world record with her teammates in the women’s 3,000-meter relay and won the gold MEDALS. In addition, she also won the gold MEDALS in three events including the 500-meter short-track speed skating at the World Championships.Yang Yang’s outstanding performance in the World Series has raised China’s hopes of a gold medal after 22 years without a winter Olympics gold medal.During the preparation for the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, the National team even wrote, “No gold MEDALS at the Nagano Winter Olympics.”However, in the 3,000-meter relay, the first short-track speed skating event, Yang Yang was passed by the South Korean team in second place due to a wrong handover of the baton at the end of the last leg, leaving China in second place.The loss was so frustrating that Yang was fouled out of the 500-meter short-track semifinal.In the third race, she was a gold medal hopeful in the 1,000m short track, but was disqualified for obstruction.Yang Yang lost three games in a row, so Yang Yang did not dare to face himself for a long time, even dare not watch the match replay.Finally, under the guidance of the coach, she dared to face the failure and summarize the reasons.As the saying goes, failure is the mother of success. In the following four years, Yang won more than a dozen world championships, big and small.And in 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Games finally got the short track speed skating 500, 1000 meters gold medal, the realization of China’s winter Olympic gold medal zero breakthrough.Before retiring in 2006, Yang Yang held the record for the most world champions in China with 59, a record that has yet to be broken.She is now president of the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Committee.Unlike Yang Yang, who was born in the winter covered by snow and ice in the north, Han Xiaopeng, from Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, had no contact with skiing before the age of 12, but with five years of training skills in a sports school,In 1985, he was selected as a member of the aerials team of freestyle skiing by Shenyang Sports Institute. Since then, he started his cross-field cross-sport journey, having never even seen snow.When han Xiaopeng arrived in northeast China, because of simple equipment, he could only wear roller skates, and the coach took him to find a feeling by riding a motorcycle. The platform was also built by the school’s open-air swimming pool with legs and legs, and people stood up wobbly.In 1996, the school opened its summer training table with a $3 million donation from all teachers.In such an environment, Han xiaopeng was selected to the National team in 1999 by virtue of his excellent skills. After that, he won the runner-up in the individual event twice and the champion in the team event once.During the preparation for the salt Lake Olympic Games in 2002, Han Xiaopeng accidentally ruptured the ligament of his right knee during training. In order not to let his previous efforts go to waste, Han Xiaopeng insisted on training with illness, and still had steel pins in his body until the competition.In the competition, Han xiaopeng endured pain and finished, but he failed to finish in 24th place.Unwilling to compete, Han xiaopeng actively recovered after the race and returned to the competition the following year to win a bronze medal in the 10th Winter Games.From 2004 to 2006, Han Xiaopeng participated in the freestyle skiing World Cup aerial skills competition for many times. Although he achieved good results, he was still a little-known athlete in the international arena.Han Xiaopeng won gold medal in men’s freestyle aerials at the Turin Winter Olympic Games on February 21, 2006, with his smooth landing, Han Xiaopeng won the gold medal in men’s aerials at the Turin Winter Olympic Games with 2.09 points higher than the gold medal favorite, Belarus athlete Dassinski, and completed three “first” in the history of The Chinese Winter Olympics:The first gold medal of China’s Winter Olympics in moguls, the first gold medal of Chinese male athletes in Winter Olympics, the first gold medal of China’s freestyle skiing in Winter Olympics.Han Xiaopeng became the first Chinese male athlete to win a gold medal at the World Championships in 2007, beating Dassinski by three points.The man who made such a big difference to his country’s skiing program in 2010 was bruised, but he still made it to the Vancouver Olympics.At the age of 28, he planned to end his career with a perfect performance, but failed to advance to the final due to a mistake. Facing the reality, Han xiaopeng was full of regret.Han xiaofeng, who finished his studies in 2012, returned to the winter Sports Center as the leader of the moguls freestyle skiing event.He now works as a staff member at the Winter Olympics, providing athletes with security services.Han xiaopeng 03. Figure skating pairs champions shen xue/zhao hongbo (2010 vancouver winter Olympics) win shen xue/zhao hongbo, 19, 1992, zhao hongbo and shen xue 14 years old partner, hand in hand for the first time when the technology level of zhao to be a lot higher than her, in the face of little girl in front of him, zhao first attitude disdain,But Shen Xue was inspired by him.In this way, with the rapid progress of Shen Xue, Zhao Hongbo and her more and more tacit understanding, three months later, Shen Xue has been able to keep up with Zhao Hongbo’s level.In the fourth month, they can team up to win the national championship.At that time, domestic figure skating was in its infancy. In order to learn techniques, yao Bin, the coach, had to watch the World Championships on black and white TV.In 1994, after two years of hard training, Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo went to the World Championship, but failed to advance to the final.In order to make up for the technical deficiency, the two went abroad to study many times and even invited foreign coaches to guide them on site.In 1998, shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo did not participate in figure skating for two sessions of the National team. Although they only ranked fifth in the end, it was a brand new start for the national team.Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, who won the world championship in 2002, won the bronze medal in their second Olympic Games, setting a new record for China in figure skating in all previous Winter Olympics.The next year they had won the triple crown at the World championships, and everyone thought China had a chance to win figure skating at the 2006 Turin Olympics.However, zhao hongbo ruptured his Achilles tendon half a year before the Winter Olympics.After hearing the news, Shen xue did not know how to react, at that moment she was confused about the future.For Zhao Hongbo’s injury, even the coach said he did not know whether he could play in the end.But Zhao was not willing to give up. In order to compete in the Winter Olympics, he had to wear a plaster cast for only three days instead of a month, because if he didn’t train, his muscles would atrophy.A week later, Zhao began to lie on his bed and work on his back muscles, trying to lift his legs.Zhao gave a thumbs-up before the operation, but that was not enough, so they called in many specialists, but in the end they could only make sure zhao could stand on the court, but they could not guarantee how much he could play.Dragging their injured bodies in this way, Zhao hongbo and Shen Xue once again stood on the stage of the Winter Olympics, and finally won the bronze medal sadly.Zhao was 33 and Shen 28 that year.Zhao Hongbo training with Injury This is a very old age for athletes, but for them, who have won many world championships, not to win an Olympic gold medal is really sad.After more than a year out of competition in 2009, the duo announced they were back to try for a fourth Olympic gold medal.At the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, they finally won the gold medal with 216.57 points, breaking the Soviet Union and Russia’s 12-year monopoly in this event.A few days later, the veterans announced their retirement.Now Zhao hongbo is the head coach of the figure skating team, and Shen xue holds an important position within the system.Shen zhao won 4. Women’s short track speed skating 1500 meters – zhou (2010 vancouver winter Olympics) zhou title in 1998 selected by the coach zhou training speed skating at the age of eight, but due to low indoor ice skating rink, small zhou long time training only in sub-zero weather, in order to let daughter suffer less, zhou Yang’s father let her trainer training in indoor short-track speed skating.At the beginning of training, Zhou Yang felt bitter and tired, but considering her poor family and her parents’ hardships, she always cried and wiped her tears to persevere, and became the smallest but hardest training member of the team.Zhou Yang won the gold medal at the provincial level three years later, and won the gold medal at the provincial and national level several times in the following five years, especially in the long distance race.Zhou Yang was selected to the national team in 2006 at the age of 15.Zhou Yang received more systematic and professional guidance here, and also stepped on the world-class stage.Although Zhou Yang did not win the gold medal in the competition with many masters at the beginning, she continued to make progress and grow up with every exercise.In 2008, Zhou won the World Cup. In the second half of the year, she won six world Cups in the 1,000m, 1,500m and 3,000m events.At the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, zhou Yang, who had already won several gold MEDALS, fell short of an Olympic title.In the 1500m, Wang Meng was fouled and did not qualify for the final. Zhou Yang overcame a three-man South Korean team to overtake her in the final lap. Zhou not only set a new Olympic record, but also won China’s first gold medal in the event at the age of 19.Zhou Yang again defended the event at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.Now Zhou Yang because of injury has not known how many closed injection, so she did not participate in the winter Olympics at home this year, which is a pity for her.Speed skating women’s 1000m — Zhang Hong (2014 Sochi Winter Olympics) Zhang Hong won the gold medal.Zhang Hong began to train when she was 9 years old. Before she skated, zhang Hong’s mother had great confidence in her and often asked when she would win the national championship.At the age of 13, Zhang hong was already 1.73 meters tall, which was very difficult for short track speed skaters. In the following years, she only placed sixth in the individual event at the Winter Games.Zhang Hong worked hard but failed to gain, which made zhang Hong, who wanted to join the national team, fell into doubt until she met a South Korean coach.That year she did not eat meat and milk, coupled with rigorous training, her many physiological indicators have been below normal.However, the South Korean coach left the country.Zhang Hong turned to speed skating after the 2008 Winter Games at the age of 20.Zhang Hong competition although these two are ice sports, but there is a big difference in real practice, plus Zhang Hong has learned more than 10 years of short track speed skating, want to change careers that is equal to all zero.After two years of training, Zhang Hong finally returned to the competition and finished fifth in the 500 meters at the World Championships.In 2012, Zhang participated in many competitions at home and abroad and achieved good results, especially winning the 1,000m title in the World Cup in December.Zhang Hong, 26, made her Olympic debut in 2014 and won China’s first speed skating gold medal.Zhang retired after the 2018 Winter Olympics and is now a member of the International Olympic Committee.Wu dajing was attracted by the short track speed skating competition on TV when he was only 10 years old in 2004. From then on, he began to practice. Three years later, he was selected to the provincial team.At that time wu Dajing also felt very good.But when he really entered the national team, he found better athletes than himself everywhere.At one point, the coach even used him as a practice partner for the girls’ team.In 2018, Zhou was in her prime at the time of wu Dajing’s competition. Every time she trained, Wu Dajing would be far behind her. According to Wu, Zhou Yang would take a look at her every time she passed him.The frustration feeling that this kind is inferior to a person surrounds wu Dajing deeply mind, cast off current situation also became him at that time the most urgent thing.But it was not so easy to improve himself. After three years of penance, Wu finally got the chance to play in the international arena and won the World Cup.Wu made his Olympic debut in 2014 and won a silver medal in the 500-meter event.Four years after wu dajing competed in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, wu Dajing got stronger and stronger, standing on the podium almost every time he competed.At the 2018 Sochi Winter Olympics, Wu Dajing set a new Olympic record in the preliminary, semi-final and final, winning the first Chinese men’s short track speed skating gold medal without any doubt.This year wu dajing’s third Olympic Games, he and Fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu, Zhang Yuting, Ren Ziwei broke the short track speed skating 2000 meter relay record zero.Pyeongchang winter Olympics and the 2018 Li Yan coach to celebrate 07. Conclusion for the Chinese Olympic athletes pay much more than the above seven, some of them won MEDALS in people’s eyes have famous family name, someone without a unknown field, but it can’t deny their efforts for the love of enterprise, in this let us wish all far mobilization to regret, not pay.

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