A bride in Henan province forgot she was getting married as she looked on

Marriage is a life event, every wedding is a couple of new achievements of the family, and at the most important moment in this life, I believe that no one is not valued, even some of the wedding details, some people are required to be perfect.Speaking of this, I have to say a funny thing, recently in Nanyang, Henan province, a bride because of watching the fun, actually forgot that she is getting married, really cute and silly.It is located in the city of henan province nanyang, the married couple video online, cause a lot of netizens well-meaning laugh, look from the picture, the couple was held a wedding ceremony, and then to salute to the elders kowtow link, you can see an elder came to the couple in front of, wait for the salute of the bride and groom.But to our surprise, the bride was standing still, absent-mindedly looking out at the scene, apparently forgetting that she was getting married. The groom, who had been ready for the wedding, suddenly lost his composure.Saw the groom knelt down after looking at the bride, quickly reached out his hand to touch the bride to remind each other to return to God, was reminded of the bride to quickly kneel kowtow salute, but this is the situation or can not stop the bride to watch the heart, saw the bride knelt down kowtow side also did not forget to turn to watch.Many netizens burst into tears when they saw the cute han and commented: “I thought I’d done the same thing. I was going to wait for my husband to finish taking pictures of me. It was a wedding photo.”Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. On my wedding night, my husband asked me a simple question that made me silly. He said, ‘Will you come back to your house tonight?’It’s just silly Ben. I was speechless.”See this bride’s every move, really have to sigh too lovely, in their own wedding actually can do to stay out of the affair, this is not ordinary people.For the lovely people who have done a lot of such “stupid things”, I believe this will become a good memory of them, and even later when they think about it, they can’t help but laugh out loud.

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