Winter Olympics opening night “exclusive edition”!Chinese romance shines in the night sky of Shenzhen

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics cauldron was lit on The evening of February 4 to officially open the Winter Olympics.The whole city is filled with a festive atmosphere to welcome the Winter Olympic Games. 2022 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are among the elements of the opening ceremony warm-up session.In fact, in order to celebrate the Winter Olympics, Shenzhen also created a drone show “pure version” to come!The uav formation screen on the imaging techniques in the air of the world for the first time using 2022 drones in the sky, speed skating, snowboarding, figure skating, ice hockey games, such as sports logo unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) make the city snow ski young sky make mascot ice mound mound, snow melt coming from the sky to our tender unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) performance and shenzhen center marshallingThe surrounding buildings are illuminated and the background is integrated with each other. “Shenzhen Style romance” is the affectionate “confession” to the Winter Olympics. Why can the uav formation project the image on the big screen in the sky for the first time in Shenzhen?City of shenzhen is known as unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) as early as in 2013 formulated the relevant planning will be unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) as a priority to the development of key areas and fields have been around shenzhen uav industry gradually has the complete industry chain resources at the same time set up the best conditions of low-altitude airspace unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight airspace area accounted for 65% of shenzhen play its characteristics and advantages to the night sky from “screen” become”Stage “the opening of the games are warming up links with the blessing of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) on all shenzhen novel performance brought by the new forms of media to create a visual feast of real urban building lighting strewn at random in shenzhen girl dancing on the curtain of night at PengCheng ice free more than colorful light halo crisscross grace, youth, fashion shenzhen city characteristics reflect incisively and vividly it didn’t snow on girlsShenzhen responds to the romantic ice and snow with love and expectation!Source: Shenzhen TV Shenshi News

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