The most beautiful mother-in-law qin Jieqing: take care of blind uncle brother forty-two years without complaint or regret

Qin Jieqing, from Mudui Village, Mugui Town, Guiping City, Guangxi Province, is the mother of Gu Jiamin, assistant police officer of publicity Department of Traffic Police Detachment of Guigang Public Security Bureau. She won the title of “The most beautiful mother-in-law” in Guigang city in 2022 and was shortlisted as a candidate of “China’s Good People List” in 2018.Gu Jinsheng is the elder brother of Gu Jiamin’s father. He has been blind since childhood. He is a household of the five guarantee in the village and needs the care of his family.To make matters worse, Gu jinsheng was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 2008 and his health deteriorated.Due to gu Jinsheng’s serious condition, qin Jieqing and Gu Hanjian did not give up in the hospital, holding the last hope, seeking medical treatment everywhere, hardworking, hard work pays off, Gu Jinsheng’s body slowly improved.In order to consolidate the curative effect, Qin Jieqing took good care of Gu Jinsheng and insisted on treating gu Jinsheng with Chinese herbal medicine for ten years under the doctor’s advice.Things are hard to expect, in 2017, Ancient Han Jian left the world, its before the rest of the elder brother Gu Jinsheng, qin Jieqing, Gu Jiamin later also want to take care of the elder brother.Qin Jieqing, honest and kind, has been sparing no effort to take care of Gu Jinsheng as usual.After taking care of her husband, she wanted gu Jinsheng to improve his living conditions, so she built a new house for gu jinsheng with the relocation allowance granted by the state. However, the house she built in earlier years is still a rough house.Gu Jiamin is feeling mother qin Jieqing as a child this love to the family, kind-hearted and honest, the spirit of hard work is affecting him to grow deeply, after he works, should run back home to take care of the old man.Qin Jieqing’s deeds have been reported by relevant media and websites.END Text and text: Propaganda Section editorial: Li Liangyi, Peng Junqiu Directed: Mo Qingqing, Fu Yu audit: Teng Hanping

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