The holiday has been half, cangzhou traffic police guard as before

In the blink of an eye, it is already the third day of the Spring Festival holiday. Is everyone enjoying the leisure time of the holiday? There is a group of people who have been quietly guarding the holiday.To ensure road traffic safety during the Spring Festival during the Spring Festival, the municipal public security traffic police detachment reasonable scientific arrangement deployment of police, request to strengthen the key roads and attractions of cruise control, effectively improve the road see p charge rate, the rate and the police go all out into the road traffic safety management during the festival, to ensure a smooth flow of traffic during the festival the district road.Strict arrangements have been made to investigate and correct illegal activities, strictly resist drunk driving, strengthen the screening of hidden dangers on accident-prone and congested roads and the emergency management of inclement weather and traffic, and make every effort to ensure orderly travel.For disorderly parking place the illegal behavior of motor vehicles, public security traffic police adhere to the “zero tolerance”, cangzhou great strength clear violations parked vehicles, with the combination of mobile search by foot patrols, more to fail to stop the vehicle management, combined with the scenic spot actual traffic management, business center, scientific deployment of police, maximum limit will equip police police on duty in a line,Strengthen the patrol and control of the entrances and exits and main sections of the scenic spot, improve the police rate and the charge rate of the road surface, and make every effort to ensure the traffic safety of the scenic spot.We will intensify efforts to encourage and investigate and punish traffic violations such as electric vehicles, motorcycles and non-motor vehicles that do not drive in the prescribed lane, drive in the opposite direction, stop at crossing lines, run red lights, and pedestrians who jump over guardrail. We will strictly implement the “any violation must be corrected, any violation must be corrected, and punishment must be strictly imposed” to create a strict management atmosphere.

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