One’s life should be like this beautiful flower, which seeks nothing for itself and gives beauty to mankind

Many things do not be afraid to do wrong, even if wrong, do not have to be upset, is right or wrong, looking back, right or wrong has no matter.Do not explain, is calm.Not persistent, is seen through.Life is not perfect.With willing attitude, a happy-go-lucky life, you are, the world is in.When life give you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.In life, these three things are worth persisting to do in a lifetime: First, at any time, do not give up learning and hard work.Choose to surround yourself with great people.Take care of yourself and love yourself as always.You need to know who you are.It’s up to you to enjoy or take ownership of your life.There is no need to make everyone understand and understand.Life is short, don’t let yourself live too tired, squeeze into the world, don’t squeeze, difficult to others, make yourself cheap;Do not do things, do not force, another way of thinking, may get twice the result with half the effort;Don’t take what you can’t get. Even if temporarily obtained, it will be lost.From today on, smile every day, the world in addition to life and death, which pile is not busy.The best way to live is to think less, to do more, to want less, to smile often, and to be content.A person’s life, walk to see, eat and drink, do not get sick, is a blessing, if you can meet their love also love their people, and make a little money, is a great blessing.Think deeply, it is complicated.Complex things, see light, simple.Some things, smile can pass.Some things, after a while, can make you smile.Everyone has their own happiness, look up to the happiness of others, others are also looking up to your happiness.Rare confused, easy to happiness;Too serious, easy to trouble.To be happy all day long is to realize the greatest value of life.Don’t complain to anyone, because 20% of the people don’t care and the other 80% will be happy to hear it.Straighten out the state of mind, gentle, life is to cry to listen to yourself, laugh to others!Wherever you go, you should remember that the past is false, memory is a never-ending road, all the past spring has ceased to exist, even the most tenacious and frenzied love is in the final analysis a fleeting reality.Life is like tea, tea has your joy, your sorrow, your bitter, your sweet.Sometimes people tired, sometimes people lustful.The way of life, walk step by step on your own, really can protect you, is your own personality choice and cultural choice.And conversely, the things that can really hurt you, too, are your choices.No one in this world has the obligation to be nice to you, so you should think that those who are cold and mean are granted, and those who are gentle should be cherished more.Every life contains unlimited potential, this huge potential is born, is inexhaustible.One’s life should be like this beautiful flower, which seeks nothing for itself and gives beauty to mankind.Life is like a single-plank bridge. It’s up to you to walk, crawl or faint, but believe that nothing is impossible.If you are determined to do one thing, don’t ask yourself and others are worth it, willing to take it for granted, take it for granted will be without hesitation.Have a kind and clear spirit of the heart, laugh happily cry freely, not affectation not to attack in scheming, such a life is just right.Time doesn’t really help us solve any problems, it just makes the problems that we didn’t understand seem so important anymore.Faith sometimes works miracles in persistence, and can make the unthinkable come true.Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten.Alter what is changeable, and accept what is immutable.I keep telling myself every day not to get angry, not to get angry, to keep a good mood, but I can’t do it!In addition to in front of outsiders can pretend to be in a good mood, other times the mood is low to freezing point.May every corner of your life have a subtle beauty;May you see the vicissitudes of life, heart safe and sound;May you wash all lead, can be gentle years.Don’t think too complicated things, hold too tight, things will break, hand pain.It’s worth it. It’s hard, but it’s hot.I am pangpang, grateful life, share happiness!Answer every question carefully, make friends with every friend attentively, thank you for reading, please forward and like the recognition, thank you pay attention to the headline number: Fat love!Pictures from the network, if there is a violation of your legitimate rights and interests, please contact us, we will promptly correct, delete.Thank you very much!)

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