Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen: Crack down on drug trafficking

Cambodian Prime Minister Prince Hun Sen has ordered six key projects to strengthen research, investigation and combat suspected activities related to import, trafficking and drug production.Prime Minister Hun Sen has drawn up plans for the seventh one-year anti-drug campaign, which will run from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.In the plan, Prime Minister Hun Sen stressed that the government should take more effective measures to combat all cross-border drug shipments, including by land, sea, air and mail.In particular, the capacity of law enforcement officials to effectively investigate and combat domestic drug manufacturing, production or cultivation is to be enhanced.The above six important projects include: 1. Continue to strengthen the announcement of the harm and impact of drugs, urge all parties to actively participate in the anti-drug activities, reduce drug-related crimes, and protect social security;2. Organize public communication platforms with private sectors, enthusiasts, artists, business owners, religious leaders, and non-governmental organizations, so that they can actively participate in and support anti-drug activities.3. Take strong measures to combat all cross-border trafficking, use and manufacture of drugs.(4) Speed up the crackdown or freezing of property involved in drug-related criminal activities.Step up efforts to combat imported drug trafficking and investigate and arrest the leaders behind it.Continue to strengthen the rehabilitation or reform of drug addicts.As a result of the sixth Anti-narcotics Programme in 2021, law enforcement officers cracked down on 6,308 drug cases, arrested 13,979 drug suspects, seized 4,689.61 kilograms of drugs and 84.920 kilograms of chemicals.North Korean spy opens casino in Cambodia?The Ministry of Foreign Affairs publicly disavowal # International Intelligence ## Daily International Vision ## Cambodia #

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