A new feature in iOS 15.4: Automatic shortcut command notifications can be disabled

Apple has reportedly added a switch feature to the Shortcut Commands app for iOS 15.4 that allows users to disable running notifications when certain shortcut commands are triggered for automatic action.Prior to the beta version of iOS 15.4, the Express Command app was notified every time a specific automated shortcut command was triggered.Now, Apple has added an on/off feature that makes these notifications optional.As The Verge first discovered, users can turn off notifications by clicking on a switch next to The new “Runtime Notifications” setting.The new switch means that specific daily automation in shortcut commands can be done more quickly, as Florian Burger, creator of iPhone camera app Fjorden, has proved.In other words, disabling notifications speeds up shortcut instructions.The new switch is important to note that it only applies to shortcut instruction automation, not all shortcut instructions.

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