Zixing: the first case shall be heard independently by ordinary procedure

On January 20, the Zhoumen judicial Division of Zixing City People’s Court applied ordinary procedures to hear a legal succession dispute case alone. This is the first time that zixing Court applied the provisions of the revised Civil Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China, and a single judge applied ordinary procedures to hear a civil case alone.Cao mou and he mou (deceased) a total of six daughters, he Mou died in the rural commercial bank left part of the deposit and its name has a house.After cao mou and six daughters due to the inheritance of the distribution of negotiations failed, Cao mou and two daughters of the other four daughters to the court, according to the legal inheritance of the inheritance of the distribution.Case to undertake the judge by looking at the books, find out the case basic facts clear, clear the rights and obligations relations, then apply the ordinary procedure alone as a trial, a trial process, to undertake a judge in court for the parties to the shi Ming, fully guarantee the single trial right, the parties agree that the case with the method of single trial, the case will be sentenced.Civil cases of first instance are tried by ordinary procedures alone, which ensures the separation of complicated and simple cases, improves the trial efficiency, and is highly praised by the parties and agents AD litem.

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