He grew up together with the country, witnessed the development of new China, personally participated in the construction of the country

Born in 1949, he is the same age as the motherland. He has personally experienced all the major events of the motherland up to now, witnessed the gradual development of the country and the gradual rise of the nation.He was born ordinary, but he was unwilling to be ordinary.All the way from the grassroots upward climb, is always adhere to the initial heart of serving the people, adhere to the interests of the masses first, wholeheartedly for the people won the people praise.But bad luck, a natural disaster, will push him to the bottom, he does not yield not to escape, and actively stood up.Extremely inspirational, but god seems to be with him to open a joke in general, when he stood up again, a man-made disaster, let his official career draw an end.But he did not complain, but actively assume responsibility, do not escape not shirk, he is Meng Xuenong.As mentioned above, Meng Xuenong is a peer of the motherland and an authentic Shandong man. His life witnessed the gradual development of the motherland and the gradual rise of the nation.I don’t know if it is because his parents named him as a student farmer. When he was a child, it was the development years when the whole people of New China put into production. The vast number of aspiring young people, even teenagers, were committed to the development and construction of new China without hesitation.Meng Xuenong was determined to devote himself to the construction of the motherland since childhood.Although birth is ordinary, but his parents also try our best to gave him the opportunity to learn, Meng Xuenong did not live up to the parents’ intentions, hard work completed university studies, obtained a bachelor’s degree, but his steps without ceasing, after a bachelor’s degree, double hard finally obtained a master’s degree, you know, at the time,College students are as rare as pandas, and those who can complete a master’s degree are even more rare, which can be called the dragon and phoenix among people.After he stepped out into society, he entered Beijing No.2 Automobile Factory and started as a low-level clerk.To know, at that time, Meng Xuenong is absolutely qualified as a high intellectual talent, assigned to the grass-roots level inevitably some of the humble and unfair, but he did not half a complaint, diligent and down-to-earth to do their duty, he soon won the recognition and respect of colleagues and leaders.Due to his diligent and excellent work, he soon became the leader of the Youth League committee of Beijing No.2 Automobile Factory, and became the Secretary of the Communist Youth League Beijing Municipal Committee in 1983. At the age of 34, it can be said that his diligent and earnest work was recognized and his efforts were rewarded.In 2003, he received a boost when he became mayor of Beijing.Is the year after he took over as long in Beijing, at the right moment is the SARS outbreak in that year, a sudden outbreak of make the nation was beaten, while Meng Xuenong has made the comprehensive arrangement in the first time, tried to control the outbreak, but due to many years did not meet the outbreak inexperience, finally let the outbreak brought people greatly.Because the outbreak of expanding the city also received great impact, to Meng Xuenong deep remorse, he always think of themselves as its not get its administration, the lack of responsibility are believed to be their own, as a result, he take the initiative to assume the responsibility, the initiative to quit the job in Beijing, at the same time also withdrew his all in the party.In 2008, he became governor again, taking over Shanxi Province.After he took office in Shanxi, a coal-rich province, he repeatedly stressed work safety, but fate seemed to mock him again. In 2008, a mining company’s lack of safety awareness led to a mining accident that killed more than 200 workers.As in Beijing, he once again took responsibility for the carnage, once again offered his resignation, and this time he stepped down from his leadership position.Meng Xuenong to spend years later, in a quiet but once again into the line of sight of people, the old drive together with several friends in southern xinjiang, the scenery along the way, she all human through social media to share with the public, they are not afraid of wind and snow challenge, really have the “old chat hair crazy” masculinity.Once, he was also a high-spirited teenager, entered the society after although encounter very bad luck, but he never yield never fall.Twice to resign, that he as a member of the Communist party of integrity, the courage to assume the open and aboveboard.Now, 70 years old, he has witnessed and participated in all the events that have been happening in his country and contributed his life to the construction of his country.For him, it was time to visit his homeland.May he personally visit every part of the motherland.

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