Duan Dian police station: Spring Festival, I am on duty to protect the safety of the closed

(correspondent: Yang yi au, Amanda) for maintenance during the Spring Festival district public security situation stable, improve the masses of security and satisfaction, ezhou, public security bureau for huarong branch store police station strengthen monitoring, street epidemic prevention and control, patrol inspection, to safeguard jurisdiction to have a stable and peaceful Spring Festival.Since the Spring Festival, Duandian Police Station has earnestly implemented the requirements of its superiors, taking epidemic prevention and control as an important task, giving full play to police forces to ensure the health and life safety of the people under its jurisdiction.”Please put on a mask and show your health code and travel code for examination. Thank you for your cooperation.”This is sanjiang port on duty police said the most words.For several days, the bayonet police on duty to guide the orderly acceptance of the vehicle inspection.At the same time, the police carried out a detailed inspection of the items carried by the vehicle, found in time to remove all kinds of dangerous goods, contraband.Focus on key places to build a “firewall” focus on the prone to fire, conflict and disputes of the key parts, key places, continue to increase the frequency and number of public security inspection, strict supervision and control.At 18:00 on February 3, police officers found a telephone pole on fire in Baixi village, Duandian town, while patrolling the area.Seeing this situation, the police promptly contacted the fire personnel and power supply places and evacuated the present people away from the fire scene.The fire was quickly extinguished with the help of the fire department and the power supply department.At 20, received the masses for help said:Section of the store in town happiness agricultural greenhouses emergency fire co., LTD., strawberries, strawberry greenhouses of steel and plastic film, greenhouses for greenhouses and fire spread rapidly, the situation is very urgent, if not timely save consequences, the police arrived at the scene quickly opened fire after the fire a gun, into the ignition, fire to injection, was quick to put out the fire, due to the disposal in time,Greater losses were avoided.Police hint: fireworks firecrackers during the Spring Festival, please note that it is strictly prohibited in gas stations and other flammable and explosive places, warehouses of important materials, cultural heritage buildings, residential areas, firewood stacking, high voltage line near fireworks.After setting off fireworks or ancestor worship, it is necessary to clean up the embers and residues immediately to avoid accidents.

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