Yunan Mobile: 150,000 public welfare messages on epidemic prevention were sent during the Spring Festival

During the Spring Festival, Yunfu Mobile Yunan Branch earnestly implemented the deployment of the District Industry and Information Technology Bureau on epidemic prevention and control, paid close attention to the communication guarantee work of important prevention and control units such as towns, hospitals, nucleic acid testing sites, and responded quickly to ensure the communication service of epidemic prevention and control.Give full play to industry advantages and help scientific and targeted epidemic prevention.Yunfu Mobile Yunan Branch makes full use of the communication big data platform to speed up the popularization of epidemic prevention information and help to build a solid and tight group prevention and control network.During the Spring Festival, more than 150,000 public interest messages on epidemic prevention were sent to returning people in Yun ‘an District.Intelligent digital epidemic prevention products such as big data services and electronic tag system for epidemic isolation were used to assist all towns in Yunan with scientific and precise epidemic prevention.Next, yunfu mobile YunAn branch will enhance the political stance, positive practice mission, his mind bear as actively, give full play to the communications industry advantage, to implement communication industry’s social responsibility, continue to strengthen epidemic prevention and control communications services security work, to resolutely fight the epidemic prevention and control encounters provide strong communication service support.Source: Yunfu Mobile Yunan Branch

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