These 7 traits prove to be a Successful dog

We all yearn for things that have a good meaning. Did you know that some dogs can actually make a home?If your dog meets any of the following criteria, you have a “wang Jia dog” that brings good luck.1, yellow hair yellow is a symbol of the color of gold, who home if resplendent, that proves that the family is very rich, is a symbol of wealth.So if your dog has yellow hair, it means he is very prosperous.2, four feet like wearing “white gloves” dog four feet like wearing “white gloves”, that this is auspicious, wang symbol, because the old saying goes: four feet on snow, to send good luck.The four PAWS of dogs are white and pure like snowflakes, so they bring good luck to their owners.There is an old saying that “a yellow dog with a white face”, which means that a dog with yellow hair and a white face is very prosperous.And especially suitable for guarding the home, they are very protective of the Lord, if there is a thief want to enter the home, they will be the first time to find!4, the tail of the tail of the dog is also very wang home, commonly known as “money tail”, meaning “money to money to”, not only can be rich, but also keep the money at home.If your dog has a curly tail, congratulations on getting a Wangjia dog.5, chest complete white hair chest with a complete piece of white hair dog, this is the characteristics of wang Jia, before the people said that such a dog is a good quality.If your dog has a white coat with a similar integrity across its chest, it can help you make your home better.6, chubby body in the past is a manifestation of wealth, so chubby dog will give a person a symbol of wealth, so if your dog fat, but also can wang home oh.Dog fat must be eating so every day to be so round, but the host can’t make it too fat, it is not good to the body, pay attention to proper exercise, body fat dog doesn’t like sports, so I can use some low-fat snacks attract it, recommend “chan not greasy chicken fries” around, chicken and sweet potatoes are low fat food, both match together not only taste good, also very healthy.7, the old man said he sent his dog to the door for “zhilai dog”, meaning “yan Luo Wang door, the dog into the home rich”, one day the wealth into your home, can grasp it depends on you.If you come across one of these dogs and can afford it, you can keep it.It is important to note that the dogs sent to your door have generally been wandering outside for a period of time, so their body will be relatively thin and their nutritional needs are also relatively high.Take it, remember to give it a high protein foods, such as “chan not greasy gluten-free foods” protein content at 32%, is higher, after testing, pepsin digestibility 90%, ensure that all types of dogs are easy to digest, and probiotics formula for adjusting the stray dog’s intestines and stomach is very helpful.Conclusion: Does your dog have the characteristics of wangjia?

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