Spring Festival Gala “Fuchun Mountain dwelling map” can seal god

Spring Festival Gala has a beautiful program, combined with painting and calligraphy, poetry, performance, recitation, technology, music, dance, animation, etc., but it is very behind, many people did not see!That is the Spring Festival Gala version of “Fuchun Mountain Dwelling map” – “Memory of Jiangnan”!On Feb 1, the first day of the Year of Ren Yinhu, “Remembering South of the Yangtze River” became a hot search on Weibo.Netizens said it was a picture of fuchun Mountain in the “Spring Festival Gala version”, saying it was “excellent in singing and reading”.Another netizen mentioned: “Fuchun Mountain Dwelling is the famous painting with half in Taiwan and half in mainland China.”As you know, part of the painting is now stored in Zhejiang Provincial Museum.According to the official website of Zhejiang Provincial Museum, “Fuchun Mountain Residence” is the representative work of Huang Gongwang, the crown of the “four masters of the Yuan Season”.”Dwelling in The Fuchun Mountain” was written by the author when he was 79 years old and completed after several years of management.Full volume of ink swirling, Lin Luan hun show, for the Chinese ink landscape kingpin.At the beginning of the program, the little sisters from Zhejiang Opera and Dance Theater, Zhejiang Conservatory of Music and Hangzhou Opera and Dance Theater came out in turquoise costumes and holding oil-paper umbrellas, instantly bringing people back to Jiangnan.Then, “Fuchun Mountain Dwelling” slowly unfolded, from plane to three-dimensional, bringing people into the painting.In the painting, the walker, played by Feng Yuanzheng, recited The Tang Dynasty Wu Rong’s “Fuchun”!The world has water and mountains, fuchun landscape is not human.Changchuan is not spring to green, qianfeng reflection falls in the meantime.Feng yuanzheng’s depiction of the walker in the painting is vivid, while his poetry recitation performance is also very infectious.In the painting, the mountains are rolling and the river is vast and misty. More than ten women in The South of the Yangtze River are walking in misty rain, and they meet the woodcutter, fisherman and scholar played by artists one after another.As mentioned above, in the late Ming Dynasty, this painting was owned by Wu Zhiguo, a collector in Yixing, and passed on to his son Wu Hongyu.In the seventh year of shunzhi of qing Dynasty (1650), Wu Hongyu was dying and sacrificed his life to the fire with this picture. Fortunately, he was snatched out of the fire by his nephew and the first few feet were burned down.The figure is divided into two sections after burning, the front section was later named “remaining mountain map”, 51.4 cm across, in 1956 was collected by the Cultural Relics Management Committee of Zhejiang Province, zhejiang Museum, zhejiang Province has become one of the ten town museum treasure;The latter section is known as “Useless Master Volume”, 636.9 cm across. It was collected in the Qing Palace in the 11th year of qianlong’s reign (1746) and is now housed in the National Palace Museum in Taipei.It is worth mentioning that in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala “Remembering South of the Yangtze River”, among the 4 performers pu Cunxin, Feng Yuanzheng, Li Liqun and Ding Zhicheng, and the 4 singers A Yunga, Yang Zongwei, Zheng Qiyuan and CAI Chengyu, there are one Taiwan artist respectively, namely Li Liqun and Yang Zongwei.Together with mainland actors and singers, they performed a complete picture of “Living in Fuchun Mountain” in the spring evening of the Year of the Tiger.The poems in the book are also popular among netizens.The paper news collates attached, in order to provide readers.”Fuchun” Tang · Wu Rong There are mountains as well as water in the world.Changchuan is not spring to green, qianfeng reflection falls in the meantime.Tang Cui Tu, retired at leisure, was working on a mountainside.Shunning the world too shallow, meet people said thin surname.Sometimes drunk alone, where to hide the balance leaf.Don’t look at the end of the game, the wind stay late.”Magpie Bridge fairy” Song · Lu You a rod fengyue, an alpine rain, home in the west of the fishing platform.Sell fish for fear of approaching the city gate, condition willing to go to the depths of the world of mortals?1, Tide physiology, tide level cable, tide off song.When people wrong than Yan Guang, I am the unknown fishing father.”Line xiangzi · seven li Seto” Song · Su Shi a leaf boat light, double paddle Hong jing.Water day clear, shadow Zhanbo ping.Fish turn algae, heron smoke ting.Cross shaxi nasty, frost creek cold, moon Creek Ming.Heavy like a picture, such as screen.Calculate that year, xu Old Yan Ling.A dream, now ancient empty name.But the distant mountain is long, the cloud mountain is disorderly, the xiao Shan is green.”Fishing platform” Yuan · Zhou Xuntong River, a trace of wind.Sheep sit dangerous stone, light snow cold empty.The former occupant of the dragon suddenly phase recall, levy from the final words remonstrated duty.Night startle moves ziwei wall, xiao see cloud cui Luo wall.Vibration clothing independent Fuchun Mountain, fish and birds also know things idle.The wind is high above the yuntai table, the remains remain between the mountains and rivers.Source: Thepaper.cn Xinhua News Agency

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