Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Tianjin Branch continues to promote the development of small and micro enterprises

SPD Bank Tianjin Branch adheres to the requirements of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee and Government and regulatory authorities for a long time. Under the guidance of the head office, SPD Bank Tianjin Branch does its best to provide financial services for small and micro enterprises, effectively reduce financing costs for small and micro enterprises, support the development of real economy, and improve the effectiveness of regional economic development.Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Tianjin Branch has continuously strengthened its support to small and micro enterprises by continuously strengthening mechanism construction, comprehensively utilizing various monetary policy tools, maintaining reasonable and abundant liquidity and enhancing the stability of total credit growth.Meanwhile, in order to overcome the impact of COVID-19 on small and micro enterprises, SPD Bank Tianjin Branch introduced a number of credit service measures.From 2022, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Tianjin Branch will focus on supporting the release of desirable assets such as inclusive finance through the assessment mechanism. Combined with the work requirements of superiors, the release of key areas will be included in the scope of its own assessment to promote efficient development through the assessment mechanism. Specific measures include:First, improve the proportion of inclusive finance assessment, and implement it into the overall performance assessment indicators of all institutions within its jurisdiction, set up a “special marketing competition”, supporting the assessment and incentive plan, and give inclusive loans special rewards.Second, launch the first-quarter marketing competition of “a good start to 2022”, requiring all institutions to compare with each other, catch up and catch up with each other, timely release the ranking of institutions and marketers, and give special rewards to the competition.Third, launch “One Line, one Policy” inclusive loan special marketing activities for key regions and key branches, actively build channels for mass acquisition of customers, and actively publicize inclusive financial knowledge and loan product policies.Fourth, the specific branch as a physical operation platform to establish inclusive loan franchise team, specializing in financing services for small and micro business owners.In addition to the assessment mechanism, SPD Tianjin Branch has also done a lot of work in improving the supporting service mechanism. First, relying on digital management tools, SPD Tianjin Branch has strengthened the monitoring of credit release from multiple dimensions such as credit projects, customers and industries, and guided and promoted the credit resource release to the key areas.Second, for small and micro enterprises and other related credit granting business, by assigning special people to follow up, opening up green channels, tilted loan resources and other ways, to increase the promotion, actively support high-quality assets in related fields.In order to provide financial services during the epidemic prevention and control period and support small and micro enterprises to resume work and production, SPD Bank Tianjin Branch actively provided phased financing support to enterprises to ease the pressure of capital flow and gradually restore the normal operation order of enterprises.In the implementation process, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Tianjin Branch gave full support to the reasonable financing needs of enterprises affected by the epidemic, strengthened the assessment of the past and future operation of the subject and the credit performance of the actual controller, and provided credit loans to enterprises on this basis, and provided loan interest rates below the benchmark based on the actual situation.Financing support will be provided to small and micro enterprises that find it difficult to resume work and production due to the impact of COVID-19 by actively connecting them, relaxing guarantee requirements, reducing financing costs, and granting wholesale credit.Meanwhile, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Tianjin Branch has opened a green channel for priority approval, rapid approval and approval at any time according to relevant requirements. Relevant businesses are in an orderly manner.

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