In 2021, Beijing returned to the top of the urban traffic ranking, while Wuhan ranked first in terms of growth

Hello, everyone, this is Xianghao watch the world.With the continuous improvement of the national living standard, the situation that a car is hard to get has become the scene of road congestion. For this reason, many cities have adopted corresponding policies to deal with the scene of excessive vehicles, fundamentally change the number of vehicles on the road;On the other hand, the city is also vigorously building basic transportation. The continuous extension of bus routes and the change of rail transit mileage are greatly enriching the life needs of urban residents.# Traffic # The prevalence of public transport on the one hand can liberate their hands, convenient to close their eyes, the second aspect is less vehicles, higher safety factor, the third aspect is free to choose the way of travel, greatly convenient planning their own time arrangement.In such a domestic situation, the overall passenger flow data of the city was also carried out, mainly referring to the travel choices of residents in each city.From the table below, Beijing and Shanghai still rank the first two cities. As the two most developed cities in China, the number of people coming and going every day is endless and the number of migrants is large, so they naturally rank the first two positions.The city’s license plate restriction activities have encouraged commuters to choose more green trips. The subway and bus systems in Beijing and Shanghai are well developed and can switch between different routes quickly.Beijing and Shanghai are still major tourism cities in China. With the operation of various international trade, enthusiastic tourists usually choose the most cost-effective and one-step mode of transportation, and rail transportation accounts for an increasing proportion.Guangzhou and Shenzhen rank third and fifth respectively. As the two giants in South China, the number of residents has not yet reached 20 million, but thanks to the city’s license plate restrictions, the excellent development of their own cities and the developed degree of rail transit, a considerable number of residents choose to take public transport.At the same time, the villages in the city are all around the major office buildings, and you can also choose to go to work by subway in remote areas.Chongqing and Chengdu ranked fourth and sixth, respectively. In terms of the total number of cars in the cities, Chengdu and Chongqing have more than 5 million vehicles, indicating that they can have many ways to get to work.Although the city’s combined population has surpassed 20m, and Chongqing has 30m, its total public transport ridership lags far behind.However, Most of Chongqing still relies on bus transportation. Chongqing has a huge area and many areas have not been covered by the subway. In addition, due to the limitations of its own transportation facilities and terrain, taking buses is the best way to travel.In 2021, Wuhan ushered in a recovery. In 2020, affected by the epidemic, the passenger flow of Wuhan decreased a lot. After the lifting of the lockdown, Wuhan’s reputation surged and the tourism heat remained high.In 2021, the growth rate reached more than 50.The development of common transportation has brought great convenience to our life, but the way people choose taxi is decreasing.As The Times evolve, the number of transportation options available to us will continue to increase.

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