Full of feminine leggings to wear, increase modelling layering, generous and elegant

Full of feminine leggings to wear, increase modelling layering, generous and elegant.The collocation of leggings is actually the most test to wear matching skills. Many office workers are keen on wearing flat shoes, sports shoes or even slippers at work because of laziness, and some even put on all that can show their ankles.In fact, summer wear points so a few: relaxed, breathable, comfortable, easy interpretation of a wearing.A simple, summer trousers collocation solution 1, pleated pants simple pleated pants bring you a fresh, comfortable and contracted through experience, if you match with the fabric drape again good jeans or pure color jeans, will look more handsome, if you want to look a bit more leisure, with sneakers or sports pants, overall and tonal darker.Summer pleated pants are mostly thick, and there are many colors, many people will be discouraged, but if you match black or dark jeans, whether it is top, pants or shoes, will feel more simple, upper body with lower body, two colors are difficult to match.Simple pleated pants are more delicate, simple and easy to wear, and will give a person a sense of advanced elegance. By contrast, thick pleated pants will be mediocre, and the size will also have its own characteristics, but the overall black, do not try to feel fresh.Black pleated trousers popular in summer is now a fire in a complete mess, with sandals or jeans shorts have a good slimming effect, light-colored pleated trousers will be relatively more versatile, look more fresh and clean.Dark pleated pants with bright colors will be an unforgettable wearing experience. Simple and eye-catching collocation is suitable for avant-garde fashionistas. If you like this color, you can try to use black as the background color of pleated pants.6. The design of deep V deep V is similar to that of pleated pants. The upper body is matched with light-colored jeans of the same color to play a neutralizing role.Two, summer trousers collocation solution 2 (bust pants) 1, two legs and approach can now consider light grey pleated pants, khaki, military green, gray, in particular, is easy to appear legs not good-looking, suitable for large hips some girls, because the body is black and khaki brunet department leggings, hip if processes is not good, is likely to feel the beat waist “,Cause bad wearing effect.In general, if you don’t feel the effect of the leg band, you can tuck the top into the pants, so that the side lines will look more smooth, and with a hollowed-out top, the effect is better.3, the overall high heels black and white ash item, in addition to black and white stripes is a joker, the rest, although also easy to match the new idea, but there is no effort on integral collocation, the lack of new, fashionable sense will be greatly reduced, so try to avoid long shoes, lest the vision more short, as long as the guarantee to make the overall look not too depressing, dark color high-heeled shoes won’t show short.4, down pants jumpsuits with pants, some people will feel very uncomfortable, but because the pants can be regarded as a bust costumes, you can also try to coat into the pants tees, more beautiful, but at the same time there is a problem is to expose the inside of the pants, just like you, it seems, instead, they may not too coordination, especially when the light color coat

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