Are you one of the top nine reasons why guys can’t get girlfriends?

In real life, many boys complain that it is difficult to find a girlfriend, because they can not find a girlfriend, they dare not go back to their hometown for the Spring Festival, they have to go out alone without company.The reason why a lot of people boys chase girls is that girls are too realistic, indeed some girls are realistic, but not all girls are realistic, as long as you are willing to take the initiative to find or will find girls suitable for you.Why can’t a boy find a girlfriend?No more than these 9 big root is the first must be poor poor really let you and a lot of girls, better than you girls you don’t think, although it is ugly, but the reality is true, and you at a level of girls have most will not look at you, than you poor condition of girls also have half look down on you.So you consider is in your condition of the girl, poor let you can not choose, you can only choose the girl willing to follow you.But because poor you are even willing to follow your girls are difficult to find, so you have to work hard to find, find the process must not shame and blow, in order to be able to find willing to follow your girls you also have to carry.Self-abased, not self-confident schoolgirl likes self-confident schoolboy or not self-confident schoolboy, it is self-confident schoolboy of course, self-confident schoolboy female popularity is very good, can find girlfriend easily even.And low self-esteem, not confident boys are not so easy to find a girlfriend, too low self-esteem is not to be liked by girls, many girls will think that low self-esteem boys are weak, dare not compete with others, how to live in the future!Girls need guys to protect them. A lot of girls either look for guys with broad shoulders or guys who are confident because they think both of those guys can protect their women.Therefore, the boy still should learn to be confident in the girl, this is their ability to find a girlfriend is to be able to add to the option.Emotional intelligence is low indissoluble amorous feelings girl also does not like the boy with low emotional intelligence, emotional intelligence your boy all indissoluble amorous feelings, do not know romance, especially boring.Women are emotional creatures, of course, do not like boring men, men boring for girls is very crazy.Too honest a lot of schoolgirls do not like honest person very much, Yu Xiuhua says marriage: marry person does not want to marry those who look honest person, honest person does not have independent opinion, have contradiction also do not communicate, have a thing dumb, an opening irritating person, still feel oneself right, in outsider eye, he is still a good man.Three views are not consistent, even quarrel is not a point, he does not understand your grievance, you are hanged, he still thought you play on the swing.In many women’s eyes, perhaps this is the honest man they can not forgive the shortcomings of it!Will not take the initiative, the mouth is too stupid, see girls nervous girls like active boys, in reality we rarely see active girls, men and women on this matter, are boys active girls passive.So will not take the initiative of the boys is very difficult to get the girls like, take the initiative to add mouth too stupid, see girls are nervous, unless the girls take the initiative to find him, unless he is very good, otherwise it is difficult to find the object.Boys want to increase the chances of finding a girlfriend, it is necessary to take the initiative, you had better not be too stupid, more contact with girls, more communication with girls, so that the opportunity to find a partner is great.Not enough slag why cheat and play with women’s feelings of men never lack of women, is because they are too slag, there is a word that men are not bad, women do not love, before I see this sentence is not pleasing to the eye, but now I have to admit that it is really so, although now I also see not pleasing to the eye this sentence.The girl likes to have wild (slag) of man, they call the man bad have individual character, have hero spirit, some girl even if on the other hand stick all want to look for the man that cheats and Dally with female feeling!Good man is not enough slag and not by the girls like, because not enough slag is often spent good card, although they do very well, but the girls think you do not good enough, you think good is not the girls think good!What you think is good is true, quiet and honest, and girls don’t think that either. They may even think that you are boring, that you are too down-to-earth to be attractive to them, and they just want bad, shitty guys!A good man who wants to find a woman can suck a little, but he should suck with responsibility, not with no responsibility at all.Won’t coax the woman is also the boy to chase after the girl this thing on a bonus point skill, had this bonus point skill, the boy is not afraid to chase after the girl, although not all girls like men to coax, but most of the girls like the man to coax.For the boy who can’t coax a woman seems to be no use, but for the boy who can coax a woman also need skills, and they practice some skills of how to coax a woman.In a lot of girls can’t look at the boy mouth rhetoric is not good, out to the outside is also very stupid, always silly, even coax girls will not, how to take care of the girl’s mind?Do not want to spend more time to expand their circle to know more girls too indoorsy boys and girls do not like, because indoorsy men are very indoorsy, the circle is too small, even almost no circle, would rather indoorsy also do not want to spend time to expand their circle, do not expand their circle will not be able to recognize more girls!Even if there are girls around, but because they are indoorsy, so they do not like girls.Only by expanding his circle can he have the chance to meet more girls, and the more girls he knows, the more chance he has to find a mate.Don’t want to look for, only the woman with a little hard to raise some boys just don’t want to find, think girls are too realistic, only woman with a little hard to breed, and don’t have much time, money, effort to curry favor with the girls, had to go to pursue, don’t they think all the time, energy and money on themselves more reliable, trying to make money for yourself to plan for the future.May all the boys who want to find a mate find a girl who suits them, and may all the girls who want to find a mate find a boy who suits them.

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