8 photos of Shenzhen in 1968

1. Villagers hauling tricycles to deliver public grain in Shenzhen town, Bao ‘an County, Guangdong Province, 1968.2. In 1968, the statue of Chairman MAO hung at Shenzhen Luohu Railway Station in Bao ‘an County, Guangdong Province.3. In 1968, Shenzhen Post and Telecommunications Bureau, Bao ‘an County, Guangdong Province, mainly delivered letters and subscribed magazines, newspapers and books.November 1968, scene in Wu Ji Xinqiao steamed stuffed bun Shop, Shenzhen Town, Bao ‘an County, Guangdong Province.5. In 1968, in Shenzhen town, Bao ‘an County, Guangdong Province, a migrant worker was sifting sand.6. In 1968, in Bao ‘an County, Guangdong Province, most girls could transplanting rice seedlings faster and better than men. Sometimes when they were tired, they would get together to have a rest and chat.Soldiers of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army patrol in front of the Entry-exit Passenger inspection building of Luohu port, Bao ‘an County, Guangdong Province, 1968.8. In 1968, a soldier joined the army and took charge of communication work such as photography and video at shenzhen border checkpoint.The picture shows a photo taken at the border guard station.

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