The Chinese men’s and women’s rankings are comprehensively compared as follows

Will women be required to wear armor in battle?China men’s volleyball: ranked 22nd in the world, Asia’s fourth China men’s football: 74th in the world, Asia ranked eighth China men’s basketball: ranked 29th, Asia’s fourth Chinese women’s volleyball, ranking third in the world, China ranked first in Asia women’s football: ranked 19th in the world, Asia ranked China women’s basketball 5:Ranked 7th in the world and 2nd in Asia, we can see that the women’s three major balls encircle the men’s three major balls at the top of the rankings. Let’s take a look at each of these three sports and their achievements in recent years.Volleyball Women: There is no doubt about our volleyball strength. Last year, Zhu Ting’s injury led to her early exit from the Tokyo Olympics.But what we need to know is that in 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Chinese women’s volleyball team stood on the highest podium of the Olympic Games.If we take 10 years as a unit, our women’s volleyball team has been successful in this cycle.Man: To be honest, basketball and football have been the most ridiculed of the three major sports in recent years.As for the men’s volleyball, no one even wants to make fun of it. Few people know when it last made it to the Olympics.But more interesting is that no one makes fun of this men’s project, is the men’s three major ball ranking is the best.Women’s football: As we all know yesterday, the women’s football team beat former World Cup champion Japan yesterday to advance to the Final of the Asian Cup for the first time in 14 years, and our opponent is South Korea.Even though we didn’t get out of the group stage in Tokyo, we beat South Korea to get a ticket to the Tokyo Olympics.So, this time we have a very good chance!Even if we can’t beat our opponents, this year has been a breakthrough for our women’s soccer team.Man: Even Vietnam dare to lose, then really want to go and Myanmar, maldives and other teams together?For men’s football, to tell the truth, has been a little tired of teasing.The only thing I want to say is that the fans cursed so hard, it is not really because they have nothing to vent everywhere, but everyone really like football, everyone wants Chinese men’s football team can make a breakthrough, really do not lose every day.Women’s Basketball: To be honest, our women’s basketball team has made remarkable progress in recent years.At the Tokyo Olympics last year, we did very well in our group stage and even beat Australia.If it wasn’t for the little Japanese in the schedule against the play, we really have a very good chance to stand on the podium.To be honest, the only opponents that are probably unbeatable are Serbia and the US.But our three-man women’s basketball team made a breakthrough by standing on the podium.Men: Men’s basketball is also at a low ebb in the past two years. It’s really disappointing that we didn’t get a ticket for the 2019 Olympic Games at home.Now, although we beat Japan in the first window of the previous world preliminary round, but the three main players are in the team, so it is really hard to say who will lose and who will win.At present, the fans still have great expectations for men’s basketball, I hope this period of men’s basketball can achieve good results.

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