Sir Fiasco!Nash talks about unity, Irving is still in chicken soup, Harden responds to trade

The Nets lost badly to the Jazz today, and their attitude on the court really didn’t work out, and ultimately they completely broke down in the game.After the game, Nash was aware of the team’s troubles, and he spoke of unity: “I’ve always told the players we need to stick together and get through this, and the goal now is to keep our spirits up.”Awkwardly, though, it seems hard to unite now.Because the team has been losing, Kyrie hasn’t been vaccinated, and Steve Nash hasn’t been very good at coaching, it’s going to affect this team.”We can take something positive from this loss,” Irving said. “We need to play.”But once the Jazz started making shots, our focus began to wane.Irving was -29, making 6 of 20 field goals, and was the worst player on the team.And for the whole season, the reason for this, or because Irving did not accept the appearance, otherwise the Nets would not be so passive.Harden’s response to the team was clear: The coaching staff thinks I’m not a good match for Durant, so trade me early.Now Harden has been popping up in trade rumors.After all, Harden’s current overall decline is very obvious, of course, because of injuries.Plus Harden is getting killed all the time, and he has no choice.Even according to the grapevine, harden left a team meeting after the last game by himself. Maybe he was desperate for this team, or he wouldn’t have left.Either way, the overall trend for the Nets is getting a little bad.Harden’s performance, Durant’s injury, Kyrie irving’s vaccine, all of this will lead to the Nets’ play behind the scenes.Of course, even with Harden gone, irving’s problem won’t be solved, and they’ll still have a hard time getting good results.Don’t forget, Nash’s choices are sometimes confusing.

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