High to: New Year greetings to send warm peace, care and warm hearts

In order to further promote the work of helping, helping and educating drug rehabilitation personnel, let the poverty-stricken families deeply feel the care of the Party and society, and consolidate the effectiveness of drug rehabilitation work, gaoyao District Drug control Office organized all towns (streets) and member units to carry out the help and consolation activities before the Spring Festival.On January 26, xinqiao Town drug control office, together with the district Development and Reform Bureau, the People’s Bank of Gaoyao Sub-branch, xingyao social workers carried out visits to families of poor drug addicts.The delegation inquired in detail about the family, life and employment of the drug addicts and listened to their practical difficulties patiently.Encourage drug addicts to be firm in their determination to get rid of drugs and build confidence to turn over a new leaf.And warned drug users to stay away from “drug friends circle”, away from drugs, cherish life.At the same time, they are told to timely communicate with anti-drug social workers when they encounter difficulties, so that they can understand that they are not alone on the road to drug rehabilitation, and all sectors of society are helping them to get rid of drug addiction and help them return to society as soon as possible.On the afternoon of January 27, jiaotang town drug control office, volunteers and xing Yao social workers formed a group to visit the area of sympathy for drug-related personnel.The relief team visited the homes of drug addicts in difficulty and delivered holiday gifts such as oil and rice.The group talked with drug addicts and their families to learn about their living conditions and listen to their difficulties and aspirations in life.And encourage drug addicts and their families to face life positively, maintain good behavior habits, and strengthen the confidence and determination of drug addiction.Through the “zero distance” visit to drug users, drug users sent holiday blessings and gifts, so that drug users feel the care and warmth of the Party and the government, let them see the light and hope of life.

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