Feeling essay, the way of expression in the world, is ultimately to let people know themselves

Music is the deep and rich thing in his heart, and it is the only language through which he conveys his inner feelings to others and society.The language germinates at home and develops in schools.There are many ways to express yourself. Language is only one of them.Painting, music, physical education (physical behavior), they have a similar function to language.Even if straightforward as language, it is difficult to achieve 100 percent understanding, painting, music is to dilute the understanding of the attribute.Vague communication sometimes leads to the highest purpose of communication: to let people know about themselves.All the forms of the world, in the final analysis, are for us to see our own emotions, to read our own hearts.Language exists to improve work efficiency, and we are never satisfied with its instrumentality.Instrumental language requires clear meaning and no ambiguity, so it pursues conciseness and clarity.This does not satisfy people’s desire for self-expression. People need creative statements, not declarative language.We aspire to understand life through expression.Music and painting, as well as other forms of art, are complementary to language.Language appeals to rational logic, music, painting is bound to rely more on emotional impulse.Mastery of these means of expression is not intended for glory or recognition; it is merely an accessory to self-expression; expression is the first and final goal.Like the spring that gurgles from the well, it does not flow to quench thirst, but flow itself constitutes the whole meaning of the spring.– Beauty in words, thank you for reading.Welcome to click attention, meet every day.

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