Dichromatic ball the 12th drawing, the first prize opened 9 notes 6 places, Zhejiang lottery people xi 14.6 million yuan

Double color ball 12th lottery, red ball three consecutive out of 3 consecutive number, blue ball 0November 27, ushered in the blessing color ball 22012 lottery time, this is the last phase of the year lottery, the next phase will wait until the end of the year.Like double color ball friends have made full preparations, early bets, looking forward to the end of the battle before the New Year, can harvest unexpected New Year’s gift package, a happy happy year.Due to the last phase after the end of the pie award, the total fund of the prize pool of double color ball is more than 1.445 billion yuan, the total sales of this period is more than 432 million yuan, an increase of 53 million yuan than the previous period.Let’s take a look at the specific lottery situation of the 2nd 2012 bicolor ball!Drawing numbers: Red ball: 04, 07, 08, 29, 30, 31 Blue zone: 1 Red ball: the red ball’s leading number out of 04, is an even number;The number 30 was also an even number with a span of 27 points, the same as in the previous period.The red ball sum is 109 points, down 17 points from the previous period.In the red ball number, a group of two consecutive numbers 07, 08, a group of three consecutive numbers 29, 30, 31;The last three awards are issued a group of 3 consecutive numbers.07 is the adjacent number of the previous period.The number distribution ratio of the three districts was 3:0:3, and there was a fault between the number 09 and the number 28, leading to no drop number in district 2, and three numbers were issued in district 1 and district 3 respectively.The parity ratio is 2:4, just the opposite of the previous period, even number dominates;The size ratio was 3:3, and the distribution was even.Issue 08 missed 30, issue 29 missed 18.Blue area: the minimum number 01 is issued, and it is an odd number, and the number is issued again after 21 issues.Drawing: The first prize of 9 bets, single bet of 7.3 million yuan.Distributed in 6 provinces and cities, including Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Guangdong 2;Heilongjiang province, Fujian Province and Hunan province each have 1 injection.The second prize is 193 bets, with a single prize of 134,000 yuan.Night other play lottery number: lucky 3D 22027 issue latest lottery number: 8 7 7 array third 22027 issue latest lottery number: 9 2 4 array fifth 22027 issue latest lottery number:9 2 4 22 this period of the lucky lottery and sports lottery specific lottery situation is introduced here, to this period of the lottery winning friends expressed warm congratulations, seize the time to handle the prize tomorrow, have a good year in peace, until next year’s Spring Festival to continue to participate in the lottery.No lottery friends, pack up a good mood over the New Year, until the Spring Festival over, February 8, continue to fight, then will be tiger Tiger shengwei, good luck!For more exciting content, come to ten Years of Traveler 01

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