Xinzhou public security emergency stop payment was cheated 464,000 yuan won the pennant

At 14:51 on April 1, Ms. Liu, a tourist in Wutai Mountain, was fraudulently posed as a leader of the telecom fraudulently defrauded 470 thousand yuan.After reporting to the police, Xinzhou City Public Security Bureau anti-fraud center, Wutaishan branch police rapid linkage, the funds involved in the emergency stop payment measures.After work, the successful stop payment was cheated 464,000 yuan.On April 2, Ms. Li made a special trip to the Wutaishan public security bureau to send a banner “long really shuai case really fast”, to express gratitude to the police.Original title: “Xinzhou Public Security Emergency Stop Payment defrauded Funds 464,000 Yuan won the pennant”

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