Take “divine” can “channeling the spirit”?The man believed it and…

Smoking “Dead ivy water” can make people “immortal” or “psychic”?Chen mou to this be tempted unceasingly, the decision buys an attempt, unexpectedly this one move, pull a drug case unexpectedly!Chen, who lives in Putuo District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, does not understand “dead ivy water”. When he listened to a number of friends talking about the magic effect of “dead Ivy water”, he was moved and decided to buy some to taste it.In March 2021, While searching online, Chen saw someone selling “death vine water” in a forum, so he contacted the seller, surnamed Guo, and bought 100 grams online for 120 yuan.Guo told Chen that the effect would be better through electronic smoke.Soon, Chen received guo to send the express, opened a look, found a bag of reddish brown powder, he felt like drugs, they chose to call the police.After receiving the alarm, Zhoushan Putuo police acted quickly, according to the Micro signal provided by Chen Guo and chat records of two people, soon find out the identity and residence address of Guo, captured in Yiwu, and found in its rented house reddisque powder and meth tools.Through appraisal, reddish-brown powder contains dimethyltryptamine (DMT), belongs to the state a class of controlled psychotropic drugs, prohibited to sell without authorization.According to Guo mou account, in early February 2021, he came to Yiwu to work, life is very hard up, want to quickly find the way to make a fortune, in a browsing network know a called “dead rattan water” things, can let a person “spirit”, very hot.Over and over, Guo feel that the production of “dead rattan water” profitable, should be able to earn some money.Say dry dry, Guo first through the network to find the production of “dead ivy water” formula, to be ready to raw materials and tools, Guo made “dead ivy water” and sold online.The police found several other buyers, all said that they bought the “dead ivy water” because they saw some online “immortal” comments, heard that “dead Ivy water” can be “immortal” and “psychic”, so they were very curious.But unbeknownst to them, Deadvine water is one of the new drugs.A few days ago, Zhoushan City Putuo District Procuratorate after review with suspected trafficking, manufacturing drugs to prosecute Guo, the court to trafficking, manufacturing drugs sentenced to three years in prison, sold to Guo raw materials Lin was transferred to the prosecution.It is a new drug that is most common in South America, where it is known as a “religious hallucinogen”. Many Shaman tribes have ritual rituals and even developed local “deadvine water experience Tours”.Ayahuasca means “wine of the soul” in The Quechua language.One person described how it feels to use it: “It opens spiritual doors and takes you into the spiritual world, seeing things in different Spaces and dimensions, and receiving messages from the spirit world.”On the blackboard!”Dead ivy water” is hallucinogenic function, because it contains hallucinogenic alkaloid: dimethyltryptamine!Dimethyltryptamine is a class of psychotropic drugs, tryptamine hallucinogens.In my country, “dead ivy water” is a drug!Police seized a new drug dead vine water do not know “dead vine water” is a drug, so the people recruited more than one ↓ new drug “dead vine water”, once smoking temperament changed!The new drug “Dead ivy water” is coming, but most people don’t know it?As a new type of drug, “Dead ivy water” is suspected of illegal smoking and criminal trafficking.Never try it out of curiosity!(source: China Daily and the procuratorial anti-drug, guangzhou drug) editor: jieyang anti-drug small make up team review: WenZhiLiang, Lin Gang jieyang anti-drug | WeChat found “sharing” and “like”, poking me take a look

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