Super Mario hits the big screen!3D animation will be released in 2022, featuring Chrisanya’s voice

Super Mario, nintendo’s most popular video game, is coming to 3D animation.Chris Pratt (Star-Lord), Anya Taylorjoy (Left Wing), and a number of Hollywood names have been added to the cast.Due for release in late 2022!A cocked Little soldier, despicable Me production team to create a plumber alternative universe!The super Mario animated film will be produced by the team behind tiny Pawnies and Despicable Me, a brilliant combination of Mario’s creative talents and a brilliant ILLUMINATION, led by Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto and Tiny Pawnies producer Chris Meledandelli.Create a new “Plumber universe” together!Chris Pratt as Mario, Anya Taylorjoy as Princess Brigitte, one of the world’s hottest plumbers.Chris Pratt, star Trek’s Star Lord, will play Mario in the English language version.Anja Taylorjoy, of Netflix series Rear Wing Fame, plays sweet Princess Brigitte.Luigi is voiced by Charlie Day (Pacific Rim) as the scientist, and perhaps the most fitting choice for classroom Rock is Jack Black as the invincible villain Cooba!Curious in the interpretation of crazy Jack, cooba will have what derailment performance?Jack Black as the villain “Cooba” Charlie Day as “Luigi” Keegan McKay as “Chinobio” “Mario” the voice of Charles Mardini will also voice the mysterious role!?Nintendo “オ パー Actors” Over December 21, 2022, In Japan, Super Mario will be released on December 21, 2022, and in Japan, it is expected to be released on Christmas day.No release date has been set in Taiwan, so please stay tuned for the latest news and look forward to the blockbuster nintendo universe coming to the big screen!Super Mario hits the big screen!3D animation 2022 release, “Star-Lord” Chris, “rear wing abandoned soldier” Anya voice performance!| music for purchase!Japan

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