Price: 56,900, range: 300km, reading Mango, is it suitable for home use?

Speaking of Reading Automobile, I believe that most friends have not heard of this automobile brand, but you have to go back to the village to ask some uncles and aunts, maybe they know, after all, Reading automobile is the manufacture of “Laotoule”, and there is a good sales performance.And now with the boom of new energy car building, this “old Toule” brand has also been converted, today we will evaluate its first model, Reading Mango, model for 2021 zhimang · Heart version, the guide price of 56,900.As a minicar, mango’s exterior design is always small and cute, but there is no bright spot. The front face is also enclosed with a grille, and a silver strip is added to the front, and the two ends are connected to the headlights, creating a perforated style.The front lamp set is quite unique in shape, and the interior is fumigated. The integrated design of the near and far light is adopted, and the halogen light source is used. The style of the two daytime running lights is very recognizable.The front encircle slightly increases the three-dimensional sense, adopts the I-word grid design, both sides are enclosed.The body size of the car is 3620/1610/1525mm, and the wheelbase is 2440mm. This dimension parameter is very good in the same class, after all, the wheelbase of macro Light MINI EV is only 1940mm.The side design is a little more stylish, with a two-color body, which is very popular in the mini pure tram. The whole body looks simple, and the bottom is concave.They are fitted with 14-inch steel rims, plastic caps and 165/65 R14 tyres.In comparison, the rear design is also not lack of fashion sense, the whole is more full, thanks to the design of the two-color body, so the roof has a suspension effect.The taillight has a three-dimensional shape and adopts the smoky style. The transparent lamp shell can better reflect it. The effect is really good after the full LED light source is lit, and the bright black panel is also used in the middle to create a penetrating effect.There is nothing to be said for the rear enclosure, with red reflectors on both sides of the bottom and integrated rear fog lights and reverse lights.As with the appearance, the interior design is relatively simple as a whole, thanks to the lack of functional panels, and the central console designed a number of storage compartments, plus the yellow panel design makes the car more stylish, rectangular air conditioning air outlet more flat.Do not extravagant beg too good to the material that act the role of interior, it is hard plastic basically, join false seam adornment, although use material is not too good, but whole does not appear cheap.The steering wheel is also made of plastic, not to mention the feel. It adopts double-width design, with bright black panel and silver trim. The functionality is not too rich, and it does not support adjustment and does not have multi-function keys.The instrument uses a simple monochrome digital display, the overall layout is still clear, for the conventional vehicle information can be viewed intuitively.Control panel using half suspension design, equipped with a 9 inch touch LCD screen, the screen resolution is lower, so the definition is not very good, is all some basic configuration for function, such as bluetooth, original interconnection, operation fluency is not to say, clearly has a card, and the car seems to have not equipped with speakers, screen and place adorn almost.In terms of vehicle configuration, only the main and co-pilot provide the airbag, but also the tire pressure monitoring function, and the active safety car is also equipped with the parallel assist function, but the brake assist and body stability control do not have.In addition to the basic reversing image, the auxiliary driving also provides the side warning of the reversing car, as well as the uphill auxiliary function, which is very practical, otherwise it is too dangerous to slip the car uphill.The seat is made of fabric, and adopts two-color stitching design, which is more fashionable visually. The seat looks quite thick, and the internal padding is soft, which has good comfort. But the seat is manually adjusted, and only supports 4-way.Back seat and front seat about the same, and the use of row design, backrest and cushion have a certain depression, the area of the headrest is not large, the general foil to the head.There is no high expectation for the ride space. The 162cm passenger sits in the front row with about 2 punches left in head space, and when he sits in the back row, his head space is still about 2 punches and his legs are about 3 punches. This performance is excellent for a mini car, and the four-door design makes it convenient to enter the back row.And its trunk space volume is not very considerable, placing some daily necessities is no problem, if you need to haul some luggage, you have to put down the back seat.As for its power, it is only equipped with a 35kW permanent magnet/synchronous motor with a front layout. The maximum torque of the motor is only 125N·m. The transmission is a common fixed gear ratio gearbox.Chassis suspension for the former McPherson after the integral bridge type non-independent suspension structure, comfort is not to mention.Mango, on the whole, the car in the level of competitiveness is not large, the only advantage on space, may be it is really very good, the exterior and interior design still could not get rid of the shadow of the “old man music”, the vehicle configuration is not rich, but also not bad, the appearance of the compasses, dynamic performance is very poor,It’s really no different from Moy Le.

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