On February 5th, today in the history of the Party

On February 5, 1939, MAO Zedong delivered a speech at the Party School of the CPC Central Committee entitled “Opposing Capitulationism”.The speech pointed out that the central task is to consolidate and expand the anti-japanese national united front in order to achieve the goal of winning the war of resistance and establishing a nation.To consolidate the united front, we must wage a two-front struggle against closed-doorism and capitulationism.Unity and struggle are the principle of the united front, and unity is the first basic principle of the united front.Struggle is an indispensable principle of the united front, which cannot and should not be forgotten.The Kuomintang is now adopting a policy of preventing communism to disintegrate the Communist Party politically and organizationally.Our principle is: we will not attack unless others attack us;If people attack me, I will attack.On February 5, 1940, MAO Zedong and Chen Yun attended the founding meeting of natural Science Research Association of Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region.MAO Zedong’s speech pointed out that natural science is a very good thing, it can solve the clothing, food, housing, transportation and other life problems.Science is man’s arm in the struggle for freedom.In order to be free in society, people must use social science to understand society, transform society and carry out social revolution. In order to be free in nature, people must use natural science to understand nature, overcome nature, transform nature and obtain freedom from nature.Chen Yun pointed out in his speech that natural scientific research can greatly improve productivity and people’s lives.We Communists value and respect natural science.Natural scientists can flourish in a communist society.The present task of the natural science community in the border region is to study the problems of developing the existing economic infrastructure in the border region.I hope that you will embrace the spirit of struggle and never lose heart in the cause of natural science.MAO zedong’s speeches were included in The Second volume of MAO Zedong’s Collected Works.On February 5, 1980, deng Xiaoping pointed out that the absence of MAO Zedong Thought in the General Program was the biggest problem in his comments on the revision of the Draft constitution of the Communist Party of China (Revised Draft).As a scientific language, Marxism can include Both Leninism and MAO Zedong Thought. But if we mention only Marxism in the Party Constitution and not Leninism and MAO Zedong Thought, some people will say that the nature of our Party has changed, and MAO Zedong Thought will be involved at home.Therefore, it should be written that the CPC takes the scientific theories of Marxism-Leninism and MAO Zedong Thought as its guide to action.On February 5, 1964, the Central Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China issued the Notice on conveying the Report of the Ministry of Petroleum Industry on the Situation of the Daqing Oil Battle, pointing out that the experience of daqing oil field is not only applicable to the industrial sector, but also applicable to other sectors, or can be used for reference.The “Study Daqing in Industry” campaign was launched throughout the country.On February 20, 1960, the CENTRAL Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China approved the proposal of the Leading Party Group of the Petroleum Ministry to “concentrate all possible forces in the petroleum system to wage a grand battle by means of annihilation”, and decided to concentrate forces on the great battle of petroleum exploration and development in the Daqing region.Starting in May 1960, the daqing oilfield was developed after more than three years of hard work by pooling manpower and material resources from petroleum departments throughout the country.By 1963, the oil output of Daqing oilfield reached 6 million tons, and the state investment had been fully recovered. Besides, a large amount of funds had been accumulated for the state, and an oil industry team with certain technical accomplishment, organization, discipline and ability to bear hardships and stand hard work had been developed. Wang Jinxi, the “iron man”, was an excellent representative of this team.On February 5, 1972, the CPC Central Committee and The State Council approved the State Planning Commission’s “Report on importing complete sets of Chemical fiber and chemical fertilizer Technical Equipment”.On January 2, 1973, the State Planning Commission put forward a plan to import complete sets of industrial equipment and single machines worth us $4.3 billion from abroad.From February 5 to 12, 1980, the 13th Session of the Fifth NPC Standing Committee was held in Beijing.In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Electoral Law of the National People’s Congress and Local People’s Congresses of the People’s Republic of China, the meeting adopted the Decision on direct Election at the county level.In the first half of that year, 460 units in 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, excluding Beijing, carried out trials of direct elections at the county level.On June 21, the People’s Daily reported that a nationwide trial of county-level elections was basically over.Direct elections at county level will be held in the second half of this year.On February 5, 1946, Ren Bishi gave an inscription to a young friend.Chen Yun congratulates teachers on the Spring Festival in Beijing, Feb 5, 1981.National Narcotics Control Commission office reminds you: Cherish life away from drugs submission email: zhongguojindu@qq.com

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