Yesterday, Xi ‘an “unsealed”!We, the people, fish and water, they don’t understand!

Yesterday, the most frequent news in my moments was about “Xi ‘an unsealing”.Of course, with unsealing may not be very accurate, should be a gradual restoration of normal social order.I saw from the circle of friends that my classmates and friends in Xi ‘an were cheering excitedly and celebrating in various forms.However, almost all of them, while happy, did not forget to add a few words: do not be careless, but continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control!Look, these are our people, the lovely people of Xi ‘an, and the lovely people of China.I regard as a grassroots party member, often sometimes feel aggrieved.There are few holidays, no regular overtime work, the pay is not high, even, sometimes the work is not understood by some people.But why do I persist?Just to feed your family?I thought, no!At least, I’m not!I had the opportunity to jump ship and make more money than I do now.Also have the opportunity to go to higher level units, easier than now.So, why did I still choose the present day?There’s an idealism in me.I often think of those who stood up in the face of terror a hundred years ago.They were captured by the enemy into prison, tortured, tiger stool hot pepper water, bamboo stick fingers……But they would not give in!As Sister Jiang said, “The torture was too small a test.The stick is made of bamboo, and the will of a Communist is steel!”They lost their wives and children and their children!Still, they refused to give in.Small family, everybody.MAO Zedong thought so, Zeng Zhi thought so, they all thought so!It was for these lovely people that they puffed out their chests.However, I still think, it is this group of lovely people, our ancestors blocked behind!Tunnel warfare, mine warfare, what is the people’s war?They protect the people and the people protect them!I often recall that more than 70 years ago, they marched boldly across the Yalu River and crossed the 38th Parallel, braving the bitter cold and the wind and snow and under the bombardment of enemy planes and artillery, singing loud and clear songs for these lovely people.They climb the ice and lie down in the snow, they lack food and clothing, they fight bloody battles…However, it is also these lovely people, home reluctant to eat flour out, cooked, sent to the army;Eggs, cotton, whatever you can get out, send it to the front!Everyone’s money, not much, every cent to give away.Money is not much, but, many a mica makes a mica, donations to buy planes, hit bandits!They protect the people, and the people do everything they can to protect them!Today, they are us!98 flood or wenchuan earthquake or earthquake, Yushu earthquake, ice and snow in the south and so on, all the natural disasters in front of us, we took the baton they gave us, chest out in front, the people behind.Our shoulders are bare, our skin is scorched by the sun;We tread in mud, and the flood soaks our feet;We blind jump epicenter, life and death indifferent……All we do is to keep people safe behind our arms!But, our lovely people, donations, supplies, logistics…The people are heroes too!We, protect them!They, support us!Many people never understand the truth chairman MAO once said that the masses are water and the Communist Party is the fish.Fish and water situation, many people do not understand.History, too far away from the present, blurred.Today, epidemic prevention and control is at hand.The people are still water, and we, all Communists, are still fish.Xi ‘an, the epidemic is coming with a vengeance.Why were we able to extinguish it so quickly?Being strict is only one thing.Cooperation of the masses is the most important!People in Xi ‘an and even in Xianyang, Baoji and Yan ‘an were quarantined at home.Our lovely people, so lovely!Such lovely people, what do we not deserve?Revolutionary martyrs can shed blood, we just work overtime!What’s not worth it?At present, foreign forces are using various means to discredit China, fabricate rumors, suppress and contain China, and even sabotage the Opening of the Winter Olympics.But I firmly believe that we have such lovely people that they can only make such a futile effort.Similarly, I have a question: with us like this, what is the meaning of western anti-China forces doing so?These guys don’t know anything about fish and water.These guys never knew the people either!We are here for the people.Seek happiness for the people!Serve the people!Long live the lovely Chinese people!

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