The first episode brought tears to my eyes. Why is this show

The first episode of a TV drama, the first 20 minutes, has already brought people to tears.With what?Let’s leave that for a moment.The title of the show is familiar to many people — The World, adapted from liang Xiaosheng’s novel of the same name, which won the 10th MAO Dun Literature Prize.It has a full 58 episodes, which is not short for many Chinese DRAMAS.The 58 episodes, covering more than 2,000 minutes, span nearly 50 years from the late 1960s to 2016. By focusing on the plight of ordinary families, the 58 episodes depict the profound changes of Chinese society and various forms of human relations in a multi-faceted and multi-level manner over the past half century.The story revolves around five members of the Zhou family in a provincial capital city in northern China. The three children of the Zhou family, amid the changes of society and times, have embarked on different life paths: the eldest brother has gone to the Construction Corps, the second sister has gone to Guizhou for love, and the third brother has stayed at home.A family of 5 with the same living background originally, before different life experiences, began to live a completely different life, but on different roads, but still having the same tenacity.In the play, Zhou Fu is an eighth-grade mason, and his income is not low.However, due to the support of the national “big three line” construction, soon after marriage, she rushed to the southwest, and spent less time away from her family, leaving home for eight years at most.Life has how many eight years, the child will change in eight years, the drama borrow zhou’s parents’ dialogue, a few pen to tick out generations of people for the construction of the motherland to pay youth story.Back at the beginning of the first episode of the TV series, Zhou Fu holds the family photo in his hands, frowns and sighs: “There are five people in the family. It will be difficult to get together again…”Some people say that “The World” is a Life epic of Chinese family changes. The details of POTS and pans are true reproduces the vicissitudes of Chinese society.In the life of ordinary people, there is no hero’s singing, but there are the difficulties our parents and grandparents have overcome, and there are the tenacious spirit and warm power of ordinary people in the big era, which is the fresh presentation of “good man culture” on the screen.The show’s screenwriter, Wang Hailing, says she took in the suffering and struggle of the novel, and the glimmer of kindness in the little people, even after they have survived the ordeal.”This is not just a generation of Chinese who have remained kind through difficult times, but in line with the spiritual attributes of the Chinese nation for thousands of years.”A massive contemporary Epic of the lives of ordinary Chinese people is launched at the end of the old year and the beginning of the New Year. It is emotional and idealistic, just as a propaganda poster says, “To show morality and responsibility in the fireworks of the world, to express feelings and aspirations in the midst of joys and sorrows.”Li Lu, director and chief producer of the TV series, said he hoped the drama could raise “cultural waves” in a sense, “what has changed in the world, why it is so, and what we are calling for? Maybe after watching the world, the audience will have their own interpretation and perception.”Shortly after filming began, Disney bought overseas distribution rights to the Show, which will be broadcast worldwide.Going back to the question at the beginning of this article, why should this show bring tears to your eyes?The answer is simple, in six words: true, warm and profound.These 6 words, is this by Tencent film, new beauty media, read the text film and television “troika” jointly launched the TV series hit the face of the most intuitive feeling, but also is the most touching place.Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent Group and CEO of China Literature Group, the producer of “The World”, said: “Realistic works record and eulodize our times, but also record the development history of the Chinese nation, those should be eulodized and recorded by us.”Young people of this era have a strong sense of national pride and a strong sense of social mission. It is easier to find emotional resonance in such works.”The audience needs this kind of work, the stories of the little people, very close to us, the echoes of the big time, and we are all part of it.Living in the “human world” and observing others according to oneself, we empathize not only with the feelings of the protagonist, but also with each person’s own life, which is warm and thick.”The World” is the ordinary Chinese human affairs, through it, we see the common people in the broad and warm Chinese land, love and struggle like fire, with the growth of the strong appearance.Excellent literary and artistic works can achieve ideological and artistic success as well as be popular in the market.Looking at real life with the spirit of realism and romanticism, dispelling darkness with light and defeating ugliness with beauty and goodness, people will be able to see beauty, hope and dream ahead.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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